Zhiyun Crane-M2 review: Gimbal for small cameras

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After almost three years Moritz takes a look at the Crane-M’s successor, the Zhiyun Crane-M2 and compares the two camera stabilizers. The tiny gimbal is designed for compact point-and-shoot cameras like the Lumix LX100 or the Sony RX100. But it can also be used with action cams such as the GoPro Hero7 or with smartphones.

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Renan Towner azul bebe says:

it works with sl3 (250d) ? thank u!

Милан Шумлянский says:

Top review, please tell me whether it is suitable for the camera canon powershot g7 x mark 3. And is there a link in which all the cameras to which it is written are written.

Juno Kim says:

Can i use this for sigma fp?

angeloprosumer says:

For Canon G7X?

nito squard says:

Ini sangat bagus

Go Pro says:

Hi, thanks for the good information you gave in the clip

Kardi Gunawan says:

I have Rx100 vii which gimbal do I have to buy crane m2 or g6 max. Pls help me to decide for my first time buying gimbal. Thanks

Coach Acie says:

does anybody know if there are accessories for this gimbal like an extension pole or a low handle grip like on the Crane 3?

Randy H says:

I got one for my phone, insta360 Evo 3D and Panasonic fz300. All work well but fz300 is at max weight balances well but not full range of motion as it's too big only tips up about 45 degrees.

Ильнур Беркутов says:

Hello! Does the Crane -2 record button turn on recording video at LX100M2? Claimed support LX100M2?

Tutatsuta says:

Can I use it with my Sony FDR3000X? I mean, Would it balance it with the hand grip?

LeoPaz says:

It works on a olympus omd em10 mark iii with panasonic 25mm 1.7?

Nick Barulov says:

Great video, mate. Is it balance well with LX100? How did you find this combination?

John Journault says:

I see you used the Lumix LX10. Did this camera work with all the features? record, zoom etc

El Vlog De Rox says:

someone now if can i use cannon 80D with this gimbal?? o which one is good for that camera.

FungZ says:

Using a gimbal during low light when using Gopro 7 black does improve the video quality

SAGO Films says:

Great video! Do you think I can balance a Leica Q2 on this guy?

Thank you!

Duncan Gillespie says:

I see that you are using a Panasonic Lumix Camera with you Gimbal. I have found with mine the rear screen turns off after 30 secs when connected to the M2 wirelessly. No fault of the gimbal but rather of Panasonic. Have sent an email to Panasonic but to date have had no response. Have you experienced this problem?

Dave Dugdale says:

I am considering upgrading thanks for making this video.

BandOfBros says:

I canceled my pre order and ordered the feiyu g6 plus instead. Splashproof and 800g load capacity. Got it for €100 cheaper too in a sale.

Zeds Tech Tips says:

Great unbiased truthful review. Thank you

Christophe Langlois says:

Thank you for the video. Is there a reason you didn’t mention the good, much cheaper competitive offer from the Feyutech G6 Plus???

Android Tech says:

Awesome video!

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