Zhiyun Crane 3s | Unboxing the Small Gimbal for Big Cameras

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Buy Weebill-S (Gimbal I use for my Canon EOS R) – https://bit.ly/3cho3nE

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MattMovieMaker says:

Been on a lookout for a DSLR gimbal, bit overkill but I love it!

BeastCoastQuay says:

luv your worth ethic Potato Jet & shoutout to Zhiyun for the creative innovations. Would luv to enter the giveaway sir Jet

Daniel Ward says:

I would put one to good use!

Jasper Jhann says:

Try vlogging with that set up

Aakash Chandra says:

So Basically a Canon EOS R5 on top of another EOS R5? Lol

UwU_Ejwut says:

Ahhhhh Gumball

JW Productions says:

Potato reviewing a gimbal on a jet

Timoland21 says:

That gimbal would go nice with my big boy m50. No more shaky shake.

Mohnish Daryanani says:

Cutting it really close to the 24 hour mark but here's my comment! My super old zhiyun crane v1 just broke so I definitely need an upgrade 😭🥺

Samiul Islam says:

always loved Zhiyun's products as they offer these things at a great pricepoint.

Big Ern says:

Yo Yo Yo Potato!!!!

Christian Pitcher says:

That leaf blower test 😂 one of the many many reasons I love this channel!

Delfo Caracciolo says:

it just seems insane to have a cinema camera with this ‘small’ gimbal.😅

Red Riding says:

I use the dji Ronin S

Matej Varga says:

Hi. Thanks for uploading

Eddie Chu Cai Han says:

Comment for give away sure let's try cool comment?? Nah I did it doesn't work now I wanna try a hot comment I WANT A GIMBAL 😭

Dennis Geraghty says:

Looking forward to seeing you “beat it up”. Let’s be careful out there.

Nate Hemmer says:

getting my first professional camera in 6 days!!! im so stoked

Tim Eggermont says:

Great video again, Gene…. Really love your enthousiasm..

Tobias Teipel says:

You really need to throw the Arri Alexa on that thing! 😀

TobbyLine Clicks says:

I bought the z6 and definitely the weebill s would be an awsome addition to my setup… For once let Africa be proud….

Tom Grafton says:

Always entertaining, great video thanks

Nadav Tabak says:

Sick Gimbal!

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