YouTuber Edition Nest Cam

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Thanks to YouTube for bringing me to the Creator Summit this year!
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Dreamoutloud 103 says:

be careful by having that pic over one eye, if the Illuminati see that they might take over the nest company, like they took over taco bell. LMFAO!

Yung CBD Kush says:

Simple hack cut the power off nest cam disabled. There is also three other easy ways to disable nest drop cams.

Lennox1492 says:

why the hell didn't I get my Nest Cam Warning sticker! did anyone else not get a sticker?

Legacy4magic says:

or i could just buy the nest cam sticker..

Josh Wade says:

love the show its kick ass and lot's of fun ur a lucky guy to be checking out cool stuff all the time

Charles Manson says:

Good sex cam

Toing Toing says:

that face on box looks like Narendra Modi

Fight says:

make egg place nest put farm spy bird

Ellieanna Smith says:

Is jack real

Bobby Jay says:

Where's Jack? I don't see Jack. Does Jack become invisible on the Nest Cam?

Rohan R says:

THIS is the only product from Unbox Thearpy that I actually own.
Got this a couple months back and it works pretty well. You can add people via their emails so that they can watch it from their place online.
Slick stuff,love it! Just now saw it over here and had to see the review,good job as always Lew 😀

Sumair Bawa says:

0:58 itshur boy XD

Bruno De Jesus says:

You needs to get yourself a new G-Shock! 😉

seyi david says:

How can I get one of those nest cam….??? Don't stay in the US

DredX5 says:

Your phone?

Maximiliano Bojorquez says:

you should do a Q&A video

BradLamour says:

What kind of phone do you use on a regular basis?

bublebuble2004 says:

are these weather prof

Usama khan says:

Review jack! please!

Trevor Thompson says:

Is jack just like an imaginary friend?

VΛLZGΛ says:

can i ask who jack is ?

Aditya RPM says:

Please unboxing iphone 8

Connor Hobbs says:

Casey Neistat could really use this

William says:

This vs Ulo

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