Yi Home Camera 2 1080p Security Camera Review

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Looking for a solid more budget friendly wifi connected home security camera? Yi has you covered.

Yi Home Camera 2 1080p Security Camera: http://amzn.to/2uyGHUV

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Roberto Rodriguez says:

If I install camera in my home in texas, can I see it on phone in nyc?


Can Current version still not able to use Wifi 5G? Recent installed Spectrum that came with either 5G or 2G. Also can I hang this camera by nailing/screwing from ceiling? if not, will you suggest me that can do so.

JoAnn says:

Where can I find instructions? I bought a used one and I can’t figure out how to turn off the blue light and how to turn on the mic. I can hear them in the house but they can’t hear me??

Cthulhu says:

What's weird about this is how the camera still works and is connected to your account after you delete it, thats scary.

bs6565 says:

It DOES NOT come with an sd card.

s oommen says:

I dont get instant alert notification nowadays. I can view alerts only when i open the app . What could be wrong here?

recon496 says:

with the sd card once the memory is full. Will it roll over old footage or do i have to buy a whole new sd card.

circle j says:

I mounted mine with Command Velcro tabs. I really like how easy it was to hook up my second one. I had help with my first one because I am intimidated by tech stuff. I am glad I can in on my elder parent when I am not home. Very easy to use.

Roxana Chi says:

Hi, what a cool little camera. Than you for your video, very useful. I'm actually looking to use it to make videos and I wonder were I could find examples of people's medium and close up shots. 🙂

Ebony_Love_R_007 says:

How does this camera handle inside of a window in bright sunlight?

Bieffess says:

In addition to being able to mount the camera with double sided tape, for a more permanent fixing, just twist the camera anti-clockwise off the base to find three screw holes

MrPelonalex says:

If I install them inside facing outside trough the window (cause I understand they're indoor only) will the glass interfere with the motion sensor?

Linda Nielsen says:

I'll need a lot of sleep X

Jorge Velasquez says:

Question….720 cams vs 1080…any quality diffrence, you didn't mention the best features of these cameras…."INVITE" functions so others can log in to your system…

Gila Guy says:

Does it need to be connected to a modem and a router? Can I just use a router to send the wifi signal to my phone to watch it locally?

Ben Schnose says:

What about the privacy issues?

Shay Cohen says:

thats a shitty camera how much did they pay you ?

Chuck Rogers says:

What exactly did you mean by a "DVR ACCOUNT" I am looking for a camera to setup when I am not home. I wanted this camera to send a notification to my phone when it detects movement but not sure if this camera/app system has that capability. Thanks for any help.

Marian G says:

can you record directly to you HDD plunged in to WIFI router?

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