Yashica Samurai Review | Half Frame Point and Shoot Camera

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Cameras we shot:
Yashica Samurai X3.0 88 Grand Prix Edition

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Video recorded on Sony A6500 and iPhone X

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NegativeFeedback says:

Comment “birthday well gergo” for 7 years of good scans

Tan Delphi says:

join the revolution loose the resolution

Ian Brady says:

These are great photos!

rob b says:

people always think my Mamiya 645 super is a camcorder lol.

Daniel Dore Tyrell says:

Can anyone please tell me where I can buy this camera?

EyUpMeDuck says:

Congratulations! been watching your videos since 2017 and also got a couple of film cameras in the mean time. Thanks for running a truly inspiring youtube channel.

josé amado says:

Birthday well gergo

Jack says:

I saw one of these on eBay but I decided against buying it at the time; maybe I should get one soon

Analog Cigarette says:

The Samuari is one of my favorite cameras. I have two different models and really adore them.

Juan Suarez says:

Happy Birthday! Congratulations! Love what you have built here, greetings from Colombia

cody hughes says:

DAMN i gotta get one

SerbanSpireify says:

6:40 the awkward silence

abetterangle says:

Join the revolution and lose the resolution!! Thats funny! 😀
I have this camera and love it. Though scanning 72ish negs is a bit of a bind! Did you know that you can do long exposures with this camera too 🙂 I found out that it does when I wanted to do a night shoot at Bloodstock festival a couple of years ago. Check it out…. You'll love it 🙂

Yaminramen says:

I have one of these. Love it.

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