Yada Wireless Backup Camera UNBOX

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Yada Wireless Backup Camera Unboxing. I ordered this one for LaRRy the RV. I’ll probably wait until a sunny day or spring time before i do the install.


Wade Spears says:

This is a rip-off. I ordered 2 of these, one each for two cars. One for each car.
The first one I opened had a defective power cord. This is the specialty plug that plugs into the Cigarette plug opening. The power plug was unfinished and could not be used. This makes the camera not able to operate. I e-mailed the customer service for a replacement.
He suggested I contact the retailer. So I am sure the retailer has 100's of these special plugs in stock. So I continued to get the run-around, NO customer service at all.

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