Xperia 5 vs iPhone 11 vs Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren – Camera Comparison

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In this Camera comparison we’ll be testing out the Xperia 5 vs iPhone 11 vs Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren edition. This is a low light camera comparison. Which one will win? Let’s find out.

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Zilong Freya says:

Xperia 5 the x reality picture..

Usman Tariq says:

Man, this channels subscribers are almost all Sony fans…

Leandro Paixão says:

Sony is great in manual mode.

Sha WelZ says:

Look at the comments, they all say Xperia 5 but no one have it.

Deepakparakode947 Parakode says:

I like Sony

Lee17788 says:

All of them takes great pictures


As a Sony fan, I would not be unprejudiced in such a competition. For me maybe two or three photos of competing brands looked better.
In general, Sony always goes a plus. Especially when it comes to honesty in dealing with the end customer.
Also, I don't have an Reddit account, so I can't vote. It's a shame because I would like to win a PS4.

I wish the winner a lot of fun and let PS4 serve him reliably.

Kevin Harris says:

The Xperia 5 Win.

Daniel Mazz says:

wich one can zoom in more

Pero perić says:

I tought iphone would eat all those for breakfast, but it turns out the only noticable difference is in the videos. Nice review.

Carlo Gonzales says:

OnePlus Mclaren wins

Fitri Alfiani Halimah says:

What will com in 2020 with sony…???? 🤔

J T says:

Sony Xperia 5 in all pictures true colors. At night Sony photos darker than other but it’s night – like in Sony company sad -night must be night not over exposure.

Радослав Лазаров says:

Xperia 5 beats them all in MANUAL mode 🙂

the best auto is the Iphone that is a fact
the Sony is best in MANUAL

all the comparison's are in Auto why dont you all learn ? m? 🙂
great video btw

screen mirroring ps3 says:

Oh I almost forgot.

Glamour, Gadgets & Gaming by Lia says:

Not liking the Xperia… Good job Troy 👍🤗

screen mirroring ps3 says:

1+ gives a boost regarding to how impressive a photo can be. It's highly detailed but I'm not sure about the color fidelity and accuracy. Sony has a wide range of image adjustments but it takes time to reach the nicest possible balance between saturation and light. Every photo shows a different "clear" winner according to one's spectations and tastes. For me the winner could be 1+, but although its camera is very impressive the whole package of the phone and company profile are not of what I'm looking for. So, well done 1+, but Sony gives you the sensors and for me is the winner.
The next Xperia devices will use the same Sony sensors like the professional Sony cameras. So any disadvantages and flaws will be overcame.

Rock2005Star says:

I'm a former Sony Xperia fanboy…………and this video is a reminder why this past year I renounced that title. lol In pretty much every category, to me, the Xperia 5 is the worst. It just isn't up to par, despite how much more Sony put into the 1 and the 5 in 2019.

I thank you Troy for putting this out and ALSO for letting us know which photo was the most color accurate based on how you noted the scene looked at the time of the photos being taken. (I hope you continue to do this!) I don't think ANY camera comparison should be without that info. Yes, I agree that sometimes the less color accurate photo looks the best, but people watching these videos have the right to know which one(s) ACTUALLY rendered the colors correctly. To some people, overall looks matter more. But others value color accuracy more.

I used to be more about color accuracy, but now I'm less concerned with it than before. However, it still matters to me the MAJORITY of the time. lol

What's surprising also is how far OnePlus has come though too!

Gaming Pro Lucky says:

sony reduced background noise alot

Daniel Gomes says:

The OP clearly blows the other two out of the water here, which REALLY surprised me. I thought either the iPhone or Xperia would take it.

As for the iPhone, it’s doing an all round great job and is basically what people want – point and shoot in auto mode with good results.

Sadly although I am an Xperia fan, in this case it’s clearly the worst here. But then again, it’s a theme on Sony phones: auto mode is not recommended except in great conditions but if you want great pics from the Sony, you MUST go manual.

Which is fine for us Sony fans as we like that sort of thing but 99% of people are clueless and just want a great point and shoot.

The OnePlus delivers that the best, followed by the iPhone and then the Xperia.

Jordan95 HD says:

We're all entitled to an opinion, but after seeing this camera comparison, I'd go with the Xperia 5. When you mentioned on one or two of the lowlight photos about the Xperia 5 losing a bit of detail in the dark areas, you can make the photo brighter by using Photo editor. And it doesn't affect the image quality. Or you could adjust the ISO or SS… But still, very good photos!

Imran Hussein says:

I've used all those phones except it is Xperia 1, and all those other two and more, Xperia is the best

HR-Vex says:

The others have Sony sensors right? SONY FTW 😎

History likers A past says:

Sony…God of all mobiles…

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