Xperia 1 II review part 2: A powerhouse camera for the detail obsessed

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For a company that produces the sensors used in many smartphones, in addition to their own revolutionary mirrorless and cinema camera, Sony has never produced a standout phone camera.The Xperia 1 II aims to change that, feeling sometimes more like a camera that can make calls than a phone with a camera.

The Xperia 1 II is firmly aimed at enthusiasts, enabling granular control for both still and videos. We found it could achieve incredible results, but only with some work. The iPhone 11 or Pixel 4 will deliver better images from a quick snapshot, but with some effort and care, the Xperia 1 II can take remarkable photos.

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Harsh Parmar says:

Maybe Sony and Google should partner up. Sony can make the Hardware and Google can make the software

Callsign Chaos says:

I would’ve definitely taken a bigger sensor on the lenses for better detail and clarity, even if it means the autofocus wouldn’t be as good. Also would’ve taken a 1440p display, if they could’ve made it a bit brighter. All in all though, there are three flaws with this phone (those two being, and the lack of 5G being the other), compared to lots more with every other phone on the market. This is the only android phone I’d consider buying, and if sony can make this phone better via firmware updates, I’m all in.

Momento de bruh says:

It does have auto her. It's in the pro app

Jim Jon says:

if I didn't have an RX100 Mk3, i'd have bought this one!!
Yet, even as a phone, this is imo the best 2020 has to offer. Screw samsung, and sorry LG downgraded the screen resolution

HR-Vex says:

Looking forward to mine next week to start making content and of course, take advantage of that 20 fps capture AF!!!!

Alex says:

I think Sony missed the mark with this one. It seems to be aimed at photographers. But the thing is anybody who cares about those pro features are most likely going to have a proper Mirrorless or DSL are anyway. I shoot with Sony cameras professionally and if I’m going to take the time to dial in settings I’m going to do it on my actually camera instead. What would have been more useful is integrated support between the phone and alpha cameras. Things like being able to use it as an external monitor, quick RAW file transfer or a screen that is Super colour accurate and actually good for editing on Would have been better. I was so excited by this phone but will now be skipping it for the note 20

Ilya Margulis says:

A very good review. Those two photos of the cyclist and the bike are insane!

One tiny remark: at 05:22 I believe you wanted to demonstrate the animal eye AF in the photography pro app. It didn't work because the focus was set to center instead of wide.

hoof hearted says:

Why compare this phone against the pixel and the iphone every time? It is in its own league.

jakilah moulien says:

I liked your burst shots but when will someone do astrophotography with that phone😓. Nice review btw

Nasim Haider says:

This review was thoughtful, thorough, fair, and beautiful. Take a bow. Splendid work. ^_^

Jonathan Godinho says:

Thanks for the detailed camera review! 👍🏽

Nilasco Caguimbal says:

The cyclist shot is very artsy, it's like a campaign ad for a product. Heck, I might buy what he could be selling.

Faisal Malik says:

Thank you for the great review! I just happened to get my Xperia 1 ii delivered today from Hong Kong, and can't wait to play around with it. Just one thing tho- can you recommend the phone clamp/tripod that you were using, and if so, what's the model name? Thx again!

Shravan R Rao says:

Finally a review on Xperia 1 Mark 2 that focuses on the right stuff and not just about camera in auto mode! Nice work Engadget, good to see you back! 🙂

jo des says:

that dog at 5.36 got me auuuwwww

Nicolas B says:

Having owned an Xperia in 2011 I swore never again to own a Sony product, here I am in 2020 and I’m Apple’d up (and happy)

User 8000 says:

This phone did a good job but other will say "FoR tHis pRiCE I wILl rAthER BUy aN

John Rey Abitria says:

Will this be available in the Philippines? I wish it'll be available soon.

charles celino says:

You guys are now giving xperia chance to shine.

ahp hodg says:

damn that night video looks solid.

UnboxingMania says:

Will the camera pro app be available on Xperia 1 and 5 via software update?

Tran Vu says:

I have to sign in YouTube to hit like because what you did with the phone is just… outstanding!

Raimundo Lopez says:

This was a grate review but If I am not mistaken they forgot to mention the HDMI in that phone has that is use mainly to use as a screen for your camera and review footage but can be use for other stuff to and is a pretty unique feature.

"All Things Sony" says:

Finally. Someone gets it!

ilovepizzandnb says:

can't wait for this release!!! this will be next upgrade

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