xmartO DZ2034 Dome PTZ Wireless Security Camera Unboxing & First Impressions

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xmartO manufactures various types of security cameras. In this video we unbox and review their 2020 model xmartO DZ2034 PTZ wireless dome style security camera.

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(Disclaimer: the above link is an Amazon Associate link and we will earn a small commission if you click on this link and purchase the product on Amazon.)

Description of device: wireless for home security, pan tilt zoom, 2-way audio, motion detection alert & airen, IR night vision, IP66, control from phone (DZ2034, Digital Zoom Version)

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Zhang Elsie says:

I like this video, really helped me.

XMARTO Home Security says:

Thank you for the video! We understand that the App crashed when you tried to add the camera to App. It seems to be version compatibility issue. We have just updated the Android App to version 3.3.9 and iOS App version to 3.3.8. These new versions improved compatibility with Android Q and iOS13. Thank you!

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