Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Vs Realme X2 Pro Camera Comparison

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Mi Note 10 Vs Realme X2 Pro camera comparison. Full comparison covering, portraits, low-light, selfies, video, low-light video, ultrawide, ultra steady mode, and ultra pixel modes. Also see my Mi Note 10 Vs Huawei P30 Pro camera comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVmxKivGv28

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TechTablets.com says:

The overall winner is the Mi Note 10 for best low light, ultrawide, video EIS, selfies and 2x zoom camera. But daylight stills the X2 Pro surprised and has more detail and sharpness. Also see my Mi Note 10 Vs Huawei P30 Pro camera comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVmxKivGv28

Official Sensei says:

To Improve the Realme X2 Pro then Used Google Camera🤗😊

Mohan singh Rajput says:

Very nice coumperision cemera test osm super star brother.📷📷📷📸📷📷📷mi note 10 best cemera qwality

Ciber Doble Click says:

Mi Note 10, 4k, 60 fps, camera video ?

Nitish Kumar says:

Aussie Aussie Aussie oye oye oye

Yusuf MS says:

I don't know, but I feel the sound on Note 10 is better

Agasya Playground says:

wait comparison between Mi Note 10 vs Mate 30 Pro

Maco BarnaChea says:

Realme x2pro Focusing in Colour
I noticed the white color turning to a little bit pinkish…

Antonio Barata says:

Xiaomi mi note 10 the Best phone.


well done xiaomi.

Christian Alboroto says:

Mi Note's audio is on par if not better than the X2 pro. That's just me.

Mike A says:

Was going to buy the X2 pro but after seeing this comparison, i certainly won't. Will wait for a xiaomi with a 855 cpu..

French Fries says:

I can't wait for s11 with the second gen of this sensor with flagship processor and better software. Excellent comparison as expected

Jupiter Halo says:

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 camera configuration is better than the X2pro.

The Nekozilla says:

I'm amazed with that place what country is that

Jupiter Halo says:

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 💯

Kristina Fraxx says:

1:25 seems like a thief trying to escape the camera😆😆

Sepimong Thonger says:

Xt pro hv sd 855+ 50wat charger 90refesh rate and camera im day light btr thm mi not3 10 while mi note 10 only for camera more than 29k

CoolRockBassBlock says:

Thanks for this video. I can't make the right choice, still waiting for Honor V30 (based on newest Sony IMX686 sensor).

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