Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Vs Huawei P30 Pro Camera Comparison

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Mi Note 10 Vs P30 Pro camera comparison. Side by side low light, video, ultra steady mode, 5x optical, portraits, low light video, ultrawide and audio all compared. The results will surprise! The Mi Note is $499/450 euros with coupon GBMINOTE10EM here: https://www.gearbest.com/cell-phones/pp_009870966016.html?wid=1349303&lkid=70540449

#XiaomiMiNote10 #HuaweiP30Pro #cameracomparison

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TechTablets.com says:

Also see my Mi Note 10 Vs Realme X2 Pro camera comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8LV1hIvj68

Teodoro Assunik says:

You classified p30p incorrectly, I believe, induced by false and unnatural sharpness … i saw that clearly on my full screen monitor. You are the best youtuber in this category man, keep going… I'd love to see your review and comparison about iphone just to see Apple defects that no one talk about.

Ed Cheong says:

Interested to see how Mi Note 10 vs Pixel series will be like.

Sanjay flyer says:

Dxomark got xiaomi note 10 wrong….

Agasya Playground says:

nice comparison …. 👍👍👍

D Λ N G Ξ Я R O O M says:

my mi8 is getting boring…can't wait for mi10

Jupiter Halo says:

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 💯

Rafli HK says:

make a comparison between minote10 vs google pixel 3, please….

corsinivideos says:

Agree the xiaomi still actually look better in some scenarios like low light. The video performance is pretty bad on the xiaomi though, not just the lack of stabilisation on the front cam but low light is just a juddery shaky mess. I suspect the S11 will eventually make better use of this 108mp sensor.

Craig Davies says:

Still p30 pro for me 👌

Pipo says:

Mi Note 10 selfie camera not EIS???

مهندس همام says:

So good …


Imagine the mi note 10 with gcam, it would be insane performance value.

Mert Oztopcu says:

The music you use in the camera samples man…. I can't stop shaking my butt to it unintentionally 😂😂😂.
Good choice 👍

Bojan Lovric says:

No one can beat Huawei, not even 108mpx camera..
40 vs 108 mpx = Huawei win.

WN says:

I reject My previous comment…. What a beast is the Mi Note 10!!!

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