Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Unboxing + Camera Test: 108-Megapixels!

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Xiaomi Mi Note 10 aka the CC 9 Pro is here and I’ve been testing it for the past seven days. It has six total cameras including a 108-megapixel sensor!

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ben's gadget reviews says:

Full review video here https://youtu.be/HE32Tkzercw

Santhosh M says:



how much for this
price bro

MrDmd74 says:

Great of you covering the megapixel need for lighting. First one so far I've seen.

COD4 says:

If you checking your phone while the movie is playing I'll punch your teeth out.

Billy The Great Hope says:

My Vivo Z1 Pro have 5000 mAh battery,snap 712 ,and double fast charging.

Mi note 10 : hold my beer 😎

Prakash Dattani says:

I love my note 5 pro and note 10 pro

عندما ترى الموضوع says:

مجاني الاشتراك بقناتي سارعو هههههه

Jitendra Badal says:

How much price of this phone

Sandi Hugo says:

Note without s pen , why MI???

Romain Provost says:

VS iPhone 11 pro max please 😉

Mr. S says:

How many mb generally takes one photo?

Ranger op says:

How much it's price

E_dgman says:

should I get this or a low price samsung note 8?

gojek grabbike says:

Does the mi note 10 pro have dual band GPS L1+L5 ????

Technical Patowary says:

Mi like samsung comment

انفجار الكوميديا says:


srikanth 143 says:

Cost. How much in India currency .. phone cost

Nana MB says:

did they really name it Note 10 ? lol

Ahmad Mahmood says:

Please Pakistan mein kab aaega yah phone


Dear sir,thanks for information👍👌👌

L.Toxic says:

9:02 hehe boiii

Sainath Katela says:

What is this mobile price

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