Xiaomi Mi 9 vs Mi Mix 3 | Camera Comparison Review 🔥

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Today we compare the Mi 9 its camera against the Mi Mix 3 its camera. The camera’s perform in this comparison incredibly interesting, with here and there a few interesting points. The only thing what is really miss is the wide-angle camera on the Mi 9. Make sure that you watch the whole camera review and comparison, as all the points will be discussed. Get the Mi Mix 3 here: http://bit.ly/Mi-Mix-3-GB or from http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cjS9fGpE or get the Xiaomi Mi 9 from: http://bit.ly/VolksShop-Mi-9

Both the Xiaomi Mi 9 camera and the Mi Mix 3 its camera are for the price pretty good, and I didn’t expect that they would perform good so close to each other. The Mi 9 is better, but if you prefer a full screen display and a more unique phone, rather than owning owning a pretty standard design, the Mi Mix is definitely worth considering!

Mi 9 review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82p7ajJ2M0A
Mi Mix 3 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z61zGDVVDiQ

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➜ All gear used:
– Current smartphone: http://bit.ly/MiMix3-GB
– 4K & 120FPS camera: http://amzn.to/2BTfelM
– Laptop: http://amzn.to/2ExVDZo
– Recorder: https://amzn.to/2GuQGNJ
– Lavalier Microphone: http://amzn.to/2HaKHPK

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Flavio Filipe says:

clean mix 3 camera and test again …

N Banerjee says:

In India both are not available 😪😪

Oren Mesh says:

Thank you so much!!! wonderful video!

herman stokbrood says:

Nice review.
But…this is a camera review and therefore your conclusion of having the cameras on de Mix 3 seems a bit weird….een beetje raar maar wel lekker 😉

Aresu kun says:

Thanks for the comparison. Keep on that nice work.

SalemMillion says:

Thank you for making this video, this will help me decide

Nekthek Eung says:

I didn't know about mix3 but mi9's camera can't compare to mix 2s

alex bezemer says:

Ik ga voor mi 9. Goede presentatie

Dominik [QwertaGamer] Senkerik says:

I really don't know what to choose… I am leaning more on the Mix 3 side but then when it comes to the camera… I don't know… I'd still rather get the Mix 3 I think that in post-production the photos could be fixed but I don't have proof of that. Somebody help! 😀

Bruno Filgueiras says:

is this Grafton street?

AMZMA says:

Mi Mix 3 (OIS + EIS) >> Mi 9 (EIS)

Jitendra Sakariya says:

Obviously I liked the #Mi9 camera. 👌🏼
Though we know that #Mix series is focused on unique & beautiful design, can't expect better camera. 😁👍🏼
Overall very comparison video. 👍🏼 👏🏼

df3yt says:

01:17 The best part…nice dog. Give me a 4000mah mix 3 and I'm sorted. I wish they would put bigger batteries in their flagship not only their midrange

nelo summer says:

use gcam and both of them will look amazing!

Vibu Poongode says:

Update battery comparison


Mi mix 3 wins

Epoy.g says:

Mi8 vs mi9?

AbsoluteTV says:

Tak for din hjælp!

Have a lovely day from a half Danish viewer.

Johnno van der Velpen says:

Thanks for the comparison.
I agree with your conclusion, but I think OIS is a must nowadays, so for me it will be the Mi Mix 3 (problaby with Gcam).

Small Soldier X says:

For me a very surprising comparison. I did not expected so huge difference, because last year MI MIX 3 had one of the best smartphone camera (according to reviewers). For my eyes MI MIX 3 photos/videos looks much worse, less colorful, worse in low light conditions, not as sharp images… but still, I do not like the waterdrop notch (MI9) so much – the full screen (MIX3) is just impressive looking! But for me the dealbreaker of MI MIX3 is the weight – it is too heavy. Great video, thank you for that.

miseravel dos games says:

excelent video.

V1G0 says:

Alkmaar! 😉

Алексей Кошелев says:

Ха-ха, прикольненько. Ми девять тащит

Andreas Kimoulis says:

Thanks Martijn, for the comparison of the cameras. From your video, it seems that Mi9 has the best performance ( except when shooting video on 60 fps ), but, I would prefer the Mi Mix 3 ( I like this phone, in many ways, still my future dream !!! )

Mike Maverick says:

I simply use this 2 daily, love them both.

Amran Ibrahim Rashidi says:

I am using Mi Mix 3 so amazing fullscreen and good camera back and front seriously….

Nufail Rahman says:

If Mi 9 were to adopt the slider's mechanism, and put in the OIS on the camera, i believe it would be a hit.

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