Xiaomi Mi 9 SE vs Pixel 3a: Camera Test Comparison

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This is my camera comparison test of the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE vs Google Pixel 3a. They are both “budget friendly” phones with fantastic cameras! In this video I compare daytime photos, ultra wide angle, telephoto and pixel peeping, HDR, low light “Night Sight” mode, front facing camera with portrait shots, lots of video samples in 4K 30 fps, slow-motion, 960fps(!), audio test, stabilization… and more!

Which camera do you think gets more bang for the buck?! #Mi9 or #Pixel3a

Huge thanks to Banggood for the Mi 9 SE, and thank you Team Pixel (Google) for the Pixel 3a gift.

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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

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phil brown says:

I don't understand what saying the pixel is clearly better in many pictures so my understanding is clearly blind or paid

Will Newcomb says:

Typical for 2019: very close. 50:50. Sometimes one better than the other; sometime vice versa.

P V says:

Hi, i had Mi 9 SE and it was nightmare…camera can not be compared to Pixel 3a /no sharpness, slow focus, tragic video/, very slow fingerprint sensor+lot of errors with signing. Pixel is clear winner in everything, but i understand, that you can not say it because of sponsored video. It is sad.

A. Smith says:

Pixel camera is a bit better due to better video stabilization.
However, I like the MI 9 SE phone better overall though because it is a slightly smaller, cheaper and its a prettier.

Khaled Elhakem says:

Nice honest review



Porogami says:

3a looks better and is far more consistent. I never use the ultrawide because of the huge degrade in quality.

PixelSheep - Technik. Meinung. Gaming. says:

Is anyone else noticing a yelloish tint on white pages with their Pixel 3a?
Thx in advance!

Damien Gravelle says:

nice vidéo thanks

Franz Oberknecht says:

4:12 I see more noise on the sign on MI 9 SE's photo, but it is still a bit sharper than the Pixel 3a

moblue 289 says:

i would get the mi 9se for all the goods it has instead of having a 20 percent better image camera

Hugo Mendes says:

I would pay the (small) difference to get the Pixel 3a, even without the ultra wide angle and 960fps, because from your review, I liked more the overall quality of the 3a.

MA. VLOG says:


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