Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera Review After 24 Hours

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The xiaomi mi 9n extremely exciting phone. the xiaomi mi 9 was recently announced back in february and it the xiaomi mi 9 is one of the first devices to come equipped with a snapdragon 855. The xiaomi mi 9 also comes equipped with one of xiaomi’s newest triple camera set ups. In today’s video i react and respond to the performance of the camera on the xiaomi mi 9 after 24 hours.


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shalaw shwan says:

Battery life when playing pubge?

Андрей Дворянкин says:

Бля чувак, тебе бы выспаться хорошенько.

Simon says:

Thank Mitchell , a bit of a teaser as to how good it might just be as a camera hey !!! It doesn't have ois , does this affect photos of your moving , or taking action shots ? And does it support RAW files ? Obviously you'll do more and I'd love to see more samples , some video ( stabilised ) and a comparison to another flagship .
Thanks for your efforts 👍 Cheers

Łukasz says:

is this marihuana? 😀

FDZProductions says:

Thank you! What about video? Night video and stabilization?

Tesla Najlepsza says:

Has mi 9 camera OIS?

4taraxia says:

What theme are you using?

Shibayan Gupta says:

You're genuinely one of the best reviewers. Been there in your telegram channel. Never speak that often. But I like your videos a lot.
Keep rocking Bro. Much love ❤️

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