Xiaomi Mi 360 Wireless Security Camera Unboxing & Setup | Digit.in

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Price – Rs.2,699

In this video, we are going to unboxing and set up the new Xiaomi 360 Degree Security Camera and show you how it works.
Buy on Amazon: https://www.digit.in/tracker/mi-mjsxj02cm-1080p-security-camera.html
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Anand Choubey says:

Say whhaaat..!!! You don't have good internet in ur office, still decided to review the device. So, what is it 'budget cut due to poor sales' or 'a thik skinned boss'. 🤔

kumar best says:

Fool madam u can't reply about this camera

Kumari Priyanka says:

Can i connect it through jiofi?

Neeraj Sharma says:

Mam, Can that camera record video in SD card without internet connection.

kota shushant says:

We can zoom or not

Ankit jaiswal says:

Agar wifi connection na ho to useless h kya

Rahul Bhavsar says:

Pl. Not buy its not recording untill u provide wifi every time u start it poor product thank u

Tinson Thadhevus says:

Can the mi 360 camera can delete files recorded in sd card outomatically after specific period …????

Milestone with Sid says:

Do I connect camera through hotspot without WiFi at home??



sandeep tomar says:

Kya ismey wifi k liye sim card bhee lagta hai

Innovative Artsncrafts says:

Do we always need Internet for the camera , if I have inserted SD card , then also ???

Gaurav Nunia says:

Can I use 128 gb memory card

Sumit Pal says:

Mam takes internet security seriously…..nobody else recommends you to read the EULA..

Surinder Kumar Bansal says:

Please tell the size of SD card of 32 64 or 128 GB
Is it supplied with this product or to buy from which site

Alok Jain says:

कैमरे को उल्टा लटकाने की सेटिंग बताए

Koushik Ahmed says:

Dont buy brothers..its an warning… You can not access the camera through wifi in your phone..or usb or anything…you have to watch everything over air..no direct access… It connects via their server..its a security issue too…dont buy..its not a camera..its a headech…

suraj malyan says:

Should camera and phone always share common WiFi connection to stream live view?

skhadtare says:

Very irritating video. Many pause taken and just reading the instructions displayed on screen. Nothing more

Gokul Can says:

Get a Good Wifi and go through with the video more than 10-20 times before you upload. You have revealed your personal phone number in this Video. Good Techies usually reset the camera before unboxing and definitely they will gonna take care of these privacy things so that nobody can see their private information.

Sonu Arora says:

Ak phone me kitne camera operate ho sakta h

Zubin Kapadia says:

1. Get a good wifi internet provider

2. Never use iphones to install new gadgets. Android always

3. Not worth it. Install ALFRED from Play Store and use your old phone as a camera.

Stunne RKO says:

Since its an IP camera, Can we access it through its IP address from web browser?

Punjab computer.786 says:

can we watch it on 2 or 3 mobiles ?

talented guy says:

I connect my mi camera by removing wifi password but now when i again enter password the camera goes offline plz suggest solution

Aadil Mehraj Dar says:

Mam is it possible if v once configure camera with WiFi and after that v have no WiFi or internet. Will it record in SD card n when v come back home can v see recording through SD card by inserting that card in PC or mobile. Please reply

garora1981 says:

1. Can it be installed in outdoor (in dust not rain) ?
2. Can anyone reset/hack it, if it is installed on main door of house?
3. Can we store videos or footage on cloud?

Dheeraj Dua says:

Hlo. One. Question dear.
Muje ye apny ghr ke bahar lagana hai. . Ghar pr wifi bhi hai. Kya mai iski live. View dur apni shop pr dekh skta hu plz help

Anh Dung Huynh says:

How much is this camera?

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