Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra – Unboxing and Review.

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Unboxing and full Review of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra Smartphone, including comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and camera test vs S20 Ultra! Subscribe for more content (IT’S FREE) : https://goo.gl/pLg6fE

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Gib phone xD

Jeremy Pajot says:

I've been here since 300k and I still love ur videos… And I really hope flagship prices start coming down in North America.

vetrix x says:

Bruh…760 dollars for this specs.It s Like having 4 ace in poker game against flagships

Nikola Livancic says:

Thinking selling Note 10+ , and taking this beast…

A T says:

Chinese company. Next. 😔

SystemRichie says:

Cant wait to get this phone so they can steal my data 😁

David says:

Where can I import it from?

أحمد المنصور says:

someone paypal me 750$ asap

Krypto 04 says:

Every time he asks for a sub I have to make sure I've subscribed.

varunaX says:

My last xiaomi was the worst with notifications. It's ui was so agressive in closing apps automatically, I'd never get notifications. It was a deal breaker for me

Castlers_ Junior says:


Furqan A Studios says:

Well it depends how long you make tea for…

9snaga says:

That UI though. I'm a sucker for style.

Adam M says:

Why do people dislike videos about a phone? Somebody explain!

SnapTheRipper #mtk says:

Wow, at 9:27 that case really made the iPhone look good! What is it?

sanjop Shrestha says:

I have this device #itstoo good

J K says:

Can I have the phone

Vic says:

That chinese UI disgusts me

Dark Knight says:

4:20 Hey Arun, are you enjoying the gunsmith ? And what about "Be careful, enemy Molotov out" ?

Ted Baek says:

Made in China ㅠㅠ

William Valencia Filmmaker says:

Mi proximo telefono…

Yazid Hirash says:

will this phone work in USA?

bodoy euir says:

Arun: * goes really deep into the the manufacturing and software * Me : phone is phone

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