Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro – CAMERA REVIEW vs iPhone 11 Pro / Mi 10 vs Mi Note 10 / Huawei Test Comparison

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Xiaomi Mi 10 camera review test comparison vs iPhone 11 Pro, Xiaomi MI 10 camera, Mi Note 10 and Honor V30 – full camera test for photo, video, zoom, macro, slow-mo and more

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MDAshik Ur Rahamun says:

Mi note10pro best

Pahasara Dias says:

Any news on Redmi note 9/ 9 pro?

Danny Solhem says:

Don't worry guys, its camera will improve when they get an update of the camera software… I hope

Leopoldo Leon says:

You look like Tom Holland. Tell us the thruth….r u Spiderman? :O

indrawan says:

Over saturation

MMR MMRRadov says:

You can wach your hot neighbor with that cam from great distance. 😏😏

Carlo cauton says:

we need a fully compatible gcam.

Hanz says:

that red tint is awful🤮

Ted Thomas says:

Macro shot was incredible. Please test the march update, if it's actually a real thing.

Momo Lolo says:

stabilization 🙁

Twenty Ninetynine says:

Damn that video is nice asf

Devin Townsend says:

You make really great work. Thank You.

Thomas 1 says:

Hey guys do you know an application that I can download to make the camera better?

Thomas 1 says:

Is it just me or are the colors just wired?

Okonkwo Chinelo says:

Oh men it ended why whyyyyyy

Alexypk says:

Why night photos were not included in the test? This is something that many people would care of and be interested in!

Jai Vaghela says:

Good review buddy. Keep it up

A R says:

Colors always tend to have that shade of orange !!!

masterfu0 says:

How on earth can You say that resolution is pretty good in slow mo? When it looks so blury like it is 720 or less blowned up! Cmon, please.

Ronnie B George says:

Tom Holland gave up on marvel and started making informative tech videos

Stefan Cristache says:

Man, the city looks so weird with so few people. Be safe!

Jesus Lopez says:

What the hell xiaomi, maybe in China is awesome to have saturated colors, but globally it isn't Definilitely a turn off.

Tanase Adrian says:

same old storu, same shit cameras and now they upped the price.dxomark is obviously on their payroll….

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