Xiaomi Mi 10 – CAMERA REVIEW vs iPhone 11 Pro / Mi Note 10

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Xiaomi Mi 10 camera review and camera test comparison vs iPhone 11 Pro and Xiaomi Mi Note 10 – 1080p / 4K / 8K video tests, camera tests, 108MP mode and much more…

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Marcelush says:

iphone: 10
Xiaomi : 9

Timo R says:

With all respect, i've seen some other video of this same comparison, without that "layer of butter" on the image taken with the Mi.. maybe it's just that particular unit

JadeX Lol says:

Why are there like so many different modes in the friggin camera app like holy shit

Viyus Avery says:

Ummmm I'll wait for techtablets.com to give us an objective review

Muhmmad Rahmatullah says:

mi 10 pro vs samsung s20 vs mi note 10 pro 108 mP FIGHT !!!!! who win ?

electric fun says:

xiaomi's cameras are waaaayyy better when you use google camera app instead of the pre built mi camera app

Peter Dang says:

Lmao Edo mark gave this shiet soap I no1 rank now talk about propaganda and bullshits marketing

Victor Oficial says:

MI 10 is not MI 10 PRO DUMB!

Истребитель чмырей says:

Iphone LUZER!🤣👎👎👎 Xiaomi TOP!😃💪💪💪👍

Slain Bisley says:

WHY was the first few movies so bad (like there was a smoke screen) and why it looks so much better afterwards.

nao tenho nome says:

The lens of mi 10 is dirty? I dont accept this results

Gurvinder Parmar says:

The video on the left was foggy in the beginning…the lens looks foggy.


Mi 10 Vs note 10 both redmi

IYouHeSheWeYouThey says:

How about MI 9 vs MI 10 ?? 😉

Coqui says:

Samsung Galaxy S20/Plus/Ultra camera.

Lauro Alves says:

O DXomark mais uma vez comprovado que os seus testes não são confiáveis, percebi facilmente que as câmeras do IPhone são superiores em vídeo e foto.

sam king says:

My mi note 10 pro camera better than my sister 11 pro max

Sound Brasil says:

A imagem do Mi 10 está com muito brilho tem parada errada ae, nem meu Redmi Note 6 tá assim.


This is the xiaomi mi 10 not the mi 10 Pro, correct?


Nice video.

Kris Reynaldi says:

I guess you are Lionel Messi😅

flying fortress says:

iPhone had it in first few seconds..

Razz says:

Install gcam on mi 10 pro and give me another comparison video, please

DANstepManila says:

hoping for mi 10 camera update soon

Ronald Cheng says:

Yup, the DXOMark 124 points for Mi 10 is a joke. Apple's color looks much more vibrant more details more accurate!

Natiq Elesgerov says:

Xiaomi mi 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 ) ( iPhone 11 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎

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