Wyze cam v2 unboxing and review – $20 home security!

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Wyzecam v2 unboxing and review

Is this the best budget WiFi camera for home security? The $20 Wyzecam V2 smart camera is home security’s best best for widespread adoption.

Devices like the Amazon cloud cam and Nest cameras offer in home security cameras at a high price. What if you could buy a WiFi security camera for $20 that has the same capabilities as the big boys? Welcome the second version of the WyzeCam. With 1080p, night vision, cloud storage and 2-way audio, this could be the ultimate smart camera for the home.
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Read about the Wyze Cam here:
They offer a $20 smart camera with night vision, 2 way voice, motion detection and alert at 1080p resolution. I will show you the app, various test footage as well as SD card installation. Make sure to check them out.

Buy it here https://amzn.to/2IwJKBN
Great MicroSD card here: https://amzn.to/2LIsJ9d
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Todd R says:

1- Under advanced settings you CAN turn the status light on or off

2- The cam will record alerts to both the SD card and the cloud if you have a SD card

3- Alerts recorded to the cloud are only 12 seconds or so in length to minimize cloud storage I suppose.

4- There is a 5 minute delay between alert recordings. Once again I presume to minimize cloud storage space. This is a negative in that you might not get an intruders face initially and they could have moved out of range in the 5 minute lapse. However with an SD card inserted this isn't a problem (there is not a time limit on SD recordings) unless the intruder spots the cam and makes off with it. AND, if you have push notifications enabled you can always look at the live view and record directly to your phone (I think- I haven't done this yet).

5- You can not beat it for the price. And actually you probably can't beat it without a cloud storage fee and spending $100 on a cam.

secretlabs1234 says:

You dont need wifi?! Are you kidding me? That's awesome!!!

Tom Tan says:

How bad is the delay?

Nicholas Mueller says:

You sound like Neil Degrassi Tyson.
I'll watch your vids haha

F U says:

Wanted to give you a shout out for a good vid. I was shopping for a Wyze cam and your vid came up. Great and funny vid. Thanks for the info and your help in making my purchase decision easier. Peace

SouthPhillyRoc 215 says:

This camera is awesome.

bigmac says:

Can I access live feed with my phone or just motion activated clips?


14 days free cloud.. is like getting a 5 dollar coupon off a 100.00 dollar UBER ride
Hardly worth the time to do the setup.. authentication and document the details for

Dennis Forbes says:

Awesome review, I can see your channel getting to 100k real soon if you keep this up!

purozapopan101 says:

Nice review, new sub.

Jeff Purcell says:

So it will record to sd card even if WiFi is not connected?

MtTamRanger says:

For iPhone owners, you need at minimum an iPhone 5S and iOS9. iPhone 4S with iOS9 will not work. There are a lot of uses that are not available, buggy or very difficult to setup with this camera because of the WiFi requirements. Wyze owns all recorded data. No contact number for any type of assistance. Warranty only applicable if you use their SD media card.

Mark Mathosian says:

Another cool educational video and fun as usual. Thanks.👍

Ozgur Bozkurt says:

Have you tried YI home camera? Can you compare them? The price for wyze fluctuates but it is mostly $25. YI home camera is $30. There is no big price difference, but I am wondering if there is a quality/functionality difference. How long does it record when it is motion activated? Wyze seem to come with wall mounting gear. YI doesn't even come with double sided tape.

Eric Newton says:

Great vid. Very intense brows in the beginning lol

Only thing with light is should never be controlled by firmware, which can be hacked.

Best to have a hardware toggle that gives option to turn off a recording light, if that user so chooses.

Arabiantxn says:

I have actually had reliability problems with rhe 2 wyze cams. they don't seem to record everything

1)For example I have had fedex and usps drop packages at my front door and the wyze camera. Didn't capture them but it captures the truck stopping over at my house.
2) not sure but i have noticed the camera record me going out but doesn't record me coming in.
When i go to get mail.
3) their is a lag in the recording so if you quickly open the front door and run away it migh only capture you partially.
In setting: The motion sensor is set to full screen and i have updated to the latest firmware The camera is less then 2 months old i don't know the sensitivity settings on it

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