Wyze Cam v2 Review – Chinese Spy or Amazing Inexpensive Camera?

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In this Wyze Cam v2 review, we go over the build quality, features and any hidden catches to this very inexpensive security camera. It’s natural to be skeptical of the Wyze Cam since other 1080p cameras can be 4x the cost.

📷Wyze Cam V2: https://amzn.to/2I8ZD54 (affiliate link)

Wyze Cam Review: Does this $20 WiFi Camera Feel Cheap?

On their website, the Wyze Cam seems cheaper than Amazon but it’s not including shipping. So with shipping, they are the same price.

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Reax 22 says:

They probably lose a few bucks on each unit. But think of the volume!

John Rambo says:

Love the music in the background. What is it?

Larry Schmitt says:

We use ours to keep an eye on the chickens. Have two in the chicken coop, able to see if they are all in.

JP says:

Do they sell anything like this that would work out side? Without wires?

Robert Kozlowski says:

I can’t wait to get it I ordered one love all the reviews hope they make a weather proof one for outside I will probably get more at that price I found it on eBay for 20 bucks delivered thanks. Kozbilt

Cause4 Alarm says:

Both.. But my only faces towards the streets.
They can record me all they want because all I talk about is socialist and the Communists how they're horrible!

The 3F Chanel says:

Can you remote it when you are not at home ?

D.L. Canada says:

I would use it to see who comes to my home

Mac A. says:

it's also kind of weird that a lot of their developers look Asian lol.. Not sure if they are Chinese, but they are definitely Asian. – I wouldn't use them inside my house though… mine are outdoors. – also keep in mind that China is using the app TicToc to spy on people.. it's been on the news lately.

Omar Dean says:

Thank u for all ur vids goin smart home to help me with my disability

Kat Mac says:

Just got my Wyze cam last week. Wyze sense starter kit&Wyze pan is now on the way. Only thing so far, other then the no motion marks on the continuous recording, I wish they update is that there was a light on the cameras that lit up when someone was watching like my other cameras other then that I'm loving it! New to channel thx4the videos.❤️😺

j5m361 says:

Looks pretty good. Want to try one for my garage camera

Dan Hahn says:

Maybe it has changed since you posted this video, but at 2:28 you say if you use continuous recording you cant see event recordings. On the main screen of the app, there's a section just for event recordings where you can see all the events captured by each camera. So you can have both, I would like to see this setup a little better, maybe more like how the nest app does it for nest cameras.

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