Wyze Cam V2 Review- A Safe and Secure Camera?

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Note: As of June 2019/ July 2019, the Wyze Cam integrates with Google Assistant and has person detection.

Buy the Wyze Cam: http://bit.ly/2TSdCgP

If you’re looking for an affordable indoor security camera, then you should definitely know about the #WyzeCam. It hits literally all of Security Baron’s Necessary Features and costs a fraction of the cost of comparable models.

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Time Stamps

0:42 Features
0:53 Design
2:27 Necessary Features Test
2:37 Video Quality
2:57 Audio
3:24 Night Mode
3:53 Storage
4:07 Smart Platform Integrations
4:35 Artificial Intelligence
5:16 Convenience
5:52 Value
6:43 User Experience and Mobile Application
16:52 Recap

At only $20, the #WyzeCam is about one tenth of the price of some of its competitors. It’s an indoor camera with 1080p HD, eight times optical zoom, and a field of view of 110 degrees. While the viewing angle is a bit more narrow than I like, otherwise, I’m impressed with the Wyze Cam’s video display. It also has awesome infrared night vision and two-way audio.

Storage-wise, the Wyze Cam knocks it out of the park. It offers local storage through a USB port and 14 days of free cloud storage. Keep in mind that some companies charge a dollar a day for cloud storage, so this is incredibly generous on top of the low price. I also love that the camera integrates with both Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, so you’ll be able to use vocal commands and create convenient home automations. Although the Wyze Cam lacks person detection or facial recognition, it does have smart sound recognition for your smoke and C.O alarms. Pretty impressive for $20!

Gabe Turner is Director of Content at Security Baron.

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Rodrigo Braga says:

Good video, thanks. Can this camera send notifications in motion detection when I am out of home, over internet I mean, or it does only on wifi???

HIMora says:

Hi, nice video, I saw that this cam took like 15 seconds to get a motion alert, I am considering the ring stick cam because it send alerts in 3 seconds +-, do you recommend this cam over the ring ?

mrdzzamn says:

Does It have to stay plugged in 24/7 or….is there any battery life in it ?

Either way I'm sold !

Quoc Nguyen says:

This is spy your privacy. I tried to install app to Samsung Note 10 plus and Mcafee protection. This app look like spying app. The app no way to add camera. I uninstall and return camera. Not recommend

Your Garage Door Guys says:

Does it require a plugin or can it be battery operated?

Rafael Rafael says:

Can this camera be set up to record to my own cloud and be notified on my phone.

In other words, i dont want my home recording being stored outside of my own network, i dont like possibly someone else viewing my stuff.

r rar says:

how to get this to work?

Andreas Witten says:

Very detailed video thx. Does all the function exists ( like person detection ) if i'm installing a firmware with rtsp?

Presten Quisenberry says:

I love your channel Baron.
Clean, simple and knowledgeable!

Mxr Wxl says:

That one is ok but the pan? Got issues.

Mardi G says:

It's alright, I've had for a few weeks. Here's my review

1. Lightweight & easy to install/ set up.
2. Free monitoring service with Person detection.
3. Live streaming & playback mode.
3. Night Vision.
4. Motion detection video notifications.
5. Oh yeah, it cost a super expensive $25 lol

1. In the terms & agreements it makes you consent that they (Wyze) aren't responsible if this device causes a house or business fire.

2. Limited Storage, with a 32 GB it only stores footage up to a week before it deletes the oldest videos to make room for the new ones. So if someone need to check a couple of weeks backwards. This is no help.

3. There are Time gaps in playback mode. May record for hours consecutively then may not record for a 45 minute gap then its recording again. THAT'S A MAJOR ISSUE.

Overall there could be improvements but if you have no home surveillance & are looking for some. This thing is a gimme, bout it at Home Depot for $25 & it definitely saved me alot because I was gonna buy the Google's nest cams.
Gonna do a 3 month review video.

Cedric Vaughn says:

Question, I have 5 wyze cams and a home security system (protection 1/ADT). I am no longer on contact or have monitoring. Is there an app that can control my security system that's not from (alarm.com)?


Do you know what's the max micro SD card capacity? I know on the official Wyze cam website, it says up to 32gb, but I want to know what's the max. Also, for continuous video recording [with micro SD card inserted], is it true that old videos taken on the camera gets replaced with new videos after the camera runs out of space? And when this happens, does it replace everything or just a few? Lastly, does the camera allow you to access the files via WiFi or mobile in any way without having to pay a fee [if so, how much would it cost and can you access those files via WiFi from the micro SD card itself, rather than using cloud storage] or subscription?


How do you protect your wyze cams from getting hacked ?

Diane Siebold says:

Can this be used outside?

Chris White says:

Any idea as where cloud storage is based, China maybe?

TODD Thompson says:

my wyze is flashing yellow and blue won't connect to phone

BBQ, Bowhunting and Boating says:

FYI it's a Co detector, not Co2.  Big difference

Jeremy Reeves says:

What about installing cameras outside, like to the top of your garage or a corner of your house? Would they need to be hardwired? How would that work? Otherwise, great vid…sounds like the sort of system I'm looking for.

L M says:

can you please yell on every vid f it is wierd.. wifi.. battery etc.. is this camera wited ..wifi or battery

Kaleb Bosley says:

Can I view the recorded videos from the app if I’m using an SD card?

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