Wyze Cam V2 – Is It Worth the Hype? | Full Review

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Is the Wyze Cam V2 worth the hype and your $20? Check out my full review to find out if this “budget” camera is worth it!

For $20, **SPOILER ALERT** this thing amazing! The number of features this “cheap” camera has and the quality of the image you get you will NOT find something better on the market. I am convinced of that. Grab yourself 1…or 2….maybe 3, just know, you won’t be disappointed.

Get It Here:
Amazon ($25) – https://amzn.to/2MuslfN
Wyze ($19.99) – https://www.wyzecam.com/product/wyze-cam-v2/

Check out my review of the Wyze Cam Pan Here: https://youtu.be/hQj4b1xHd8M

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DISCLOSURE: I did have this product sent to me for free for review. All opinions stated are my own.

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Matthew Neuls says:

+1 for this review. I've got 8 of the v2s and a pan/tilt unit, and I was able to catch a guy breaking into my garage last weekend and call the cops, he left before they arrived, but they caught him within 45min and I was able to get all my stuff he took returned the same day. My wife used to call me paranoid, and said I was wasting money on the cameras… This is no longer the case.

Sierra says:

Once the trial for cloud storage is over, can we somehow set it up to save to our computer or our own personal data storage devices?

New KING says:

Got a ring ad lol btw can't wait for Wyze doorbell

Sammy31Dee says:

Anyone know if the camera it's waterproof?

G Davis says:

I'm sorry, I'm calling BS on most of this you stated. I just bought two of these and most of the time they don't detect motion and even when they do they might not send the notification and if they do send it, there is a 2-12 minute lag. You state it worked EVERY time in this video…I would love for you to make a video with zero editing and prove to me it works EVERY single time, cause I'm not seeing it on my set up. For $20 sure it does some things that might make it worth $20, but not for real security, it can't be trusted IMO.

Yoko Kurama says:

So when cloud storage free trial runs out you won't be able to save the alerts on your phone?

hasaheadachenow says:

I have both came and think they are fantastic.

Christopher Moriarty says:

Will the triggered AWS upload still occur with an SD card inserted?

MrDICKHEAD28 says:


Ͳ says:

Aaron looks like someone stuck Mr Potato Head accessories on a real person's head. His mouth is super animated and his eyes are so big. Review was solid though.

FearLess PL3 says:

Are the units themselves wireless or must they be plugged in?

BM says:

I have turned on every notification setting and detection setting yet I never get any alerts of motion or sound when I’m not home unless I manually open the live feed. Is there a way to fix this?

Spike Jones says:

Don't know what a Echo show is sorry just mowed the lawn and trim a tree so I can mowed with out getting slap in the face and knock off the lawn mower Be Blessed adolly

Spike Jones says:

Thank you for the fast answer . My spelling is not real good so I have a dictionary by my side .I saw it on Amazon and forgot to put in my wash list .DUD??? But where do you go when you need to fine something YOUTUBE took me right to you Praise The Lord . Amazon said it work's with Alexa do I need that it is voice control . I go to there site Thank You. The will help me.

Spike Jones says:

By the way your review was GREAT Thank You Dolly God Bless You

Spike Jones says:

where do I get the camera for 20.00 dollars

Jamar Humphrey says:

Can it be used upside down like the Ring or Arlo cameras?

Murati FILMS says:

Does it works without wifi ? i mean can i set-up camera like motion detection or others set i want to use outdoor to on camping for night vision also it says wireless …Because some ip camera or security camera i can't set without wifi on cell phone ..Thanks.

Tom Rumish says:

Question #1 — I have a 5G/2.4 modem in my house and have my phone set on the 5G band. Will I still get notifications?

Question #2 — I have a detached garage with a separate 2.4 modem (2.4 only) that has a separate/different SSID. If I set up a camera in the garage and a camera in the house (2 different modems) will I be able to view all of the cameras on the same app or will I have to set up one version of the app for each of the two different modems?

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