Wyze Cam Outdoor Review – Unboxing, Features, Setup, Video Quality & Why I Don't Recommend It

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Today, we are going to check and test out the Wyze Cam Outdoor. A wire free rechargeable battery powered outdoor WiFi camera. Wyze Fans have been asking about this camera for a long time now and finally Wyze has made it happen..but do you think it is too late? We will do the unboxing, check out its features, set it up and run the usual battery of tests and see if this Wyze Outdoor Camera will be a good fit for your home.

In this video, I’ll show some issues with these camera that at the end, I will not recommend it as a security camera until Wyze fixes and so an update.

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PinoySoccerDad says:

Wyze cameras are not a security cam and they do not publish it as such. For security cameras I would go with POE cameras and an NVR.

Ctr-Alt-Del says:

WOW!!!a company that is known for security cameras bringing out such a shoddy product!!the video looked smeared,not clear,audio was terrible,the notification lag!!!(seriously!!)and no motions zones…and finally the insulting sd card fiasco..such a token thing to do,give you a choice,but really no choice!!because you cant use it as expected!!so obvious they are pushing there subscription service,SMH..as with all there stuff,pushed out with no care,and maybe fix with updates or not!!shoddy the whole setup in my opinion!

Johnny Contreras says:

i cant get the base to link and i been waiting on tech support for help…i would be better off returning it and getting 3 V2's

Shahmi Suhaimee says:

Among all the cams you’ve reviewed, where would you rank the Eufycam 2?

Huy Pham says:

what do you think about battery life?

Ivan Soria says:

The problem is that it would be like a homemade toy camera, where the most basic does not fully comply, taking into account that there are better cameras on the market that fulfill their true function! example: eufy indoor cam 2k pan & tilt outdoor although it is not to be used outdoors, it is not wireless (it would be good to find some protection for its use) but it is excellent quality, price.

djkoolkatnsatx says:

Dude you rock great review saved me from buying this junk

cal88usa says:

Great video. You are my camera go channel on YouTube.

Frank M says:

Honest and forthcoming video. Bummed since I purchased one. Wyze is pretty good about updates and fixing their shortcomings. Glad I use Ring as my main security cams. Keep up the awesome videos Life Hackster!!!

Relayer56 says:

The notification delay is one of the primary reasons I changed to EZVIZ for my inside cams. Wyze really need to address the too short clips, and the too long cool down.

iblackfeathers says:

– i’m not sure how true it is but another youtuber reviewing this camera says that wyze never advertizes this as a security camera. you don’t see “security camera” in their packaging or advertising. but you know that’s what the greater majority of people are intending to use it for that purpose.

– i think the promising thing is that most these issues are software related, so it has potential for many fixes, improvements and upgrades. not a buy for what it currently is.

– currently no youtuber has expanded on the details of the travel mode feature. how good or bad is it for that purpose? that’s the mode where the camera system is not hooked to an access point, but rather as a mobile cam.

– the cam plus membership charges per camera. i hope this is not a bad sign of wyze looking for funds to stay in business. originally they said at some point (i don’t recall where) that person detection will remain free but now require a subscription fee with cam plus. they make affordable competitive products and it would suck if they can no longer continue pushing the envelope in making products more accessible to everyone.

EightChickens says:

Hope they will fix these issues. I believe all can be fixed via firmware update except the speaker quality. Thanks for the review!

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