WORST $1,000,000 camera: Yashica Y35 Review (Kickstarter fail)

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The Kickstarter project raised 1 MILLION DOLLARS, so we review the Yashica Y35 – a digital camera that resurrects a long-dead Japanese film camera company… but does it give us everything we loved about the Yashica film cameras?


bobfromhull says:

Checkout the teardown someone posted. The lens is fake and this plastic lookalike contains a 5 quid webcam.

TheRacerRich says:

The people who bought this deserved what they got. They should just use their brains and buy a used X-E2 and a 27 2.8 instead. There is no free lunch, and there is no good high-intestify-R&D product on kickstarter for under $1k.

madmaxmedia says:

I feel like it would be a fun toy, if it actually worked and cost less.

Jo.s says:

Why this woman expects like canon 1D? Totally not getting the point. This woman is child hater? And guess what? I am a photo majored too. I feel likeHer skill based on $$$$$ she can't do anything without expensive camera. Unsubscribed.

Tejas Manake says:

Canon's future

Fly Boy says:

My first drone was kinda like your Yashika . . . lots of fake things on the RC + crashing almost every flight. Now Mavic Pro while saving for the dual cam with heat sense. And NO I don't fly by people's windows; I'm not a paparazzi type guy. I do, however, enjoy majestic sunrises and sunsets. Lots to learn yet about videography. Thanks for your help getting my license. Flyboy K85

Thomas Lang says:

Not even Hipsters would buy that camera…

Richard Andrade says:

It's unbelievable what they did to the Yashica name. The people behind this must be candidates rejected by all Japanese camera and lens makers.

Andy Quiko says:

You must have chinese knock offs. The original once usually rocks.

Adil Alsuhaim says:

Tony… You did that DigitalRevTV "Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera" on your wife. 😀

rojimark says:

watching this after chris and jordan picked this as the worst camera of the year.

Patrick Rose says:

I wonder how much these are on eBay?
Be interesting to modify it.

JD Catabas says:

"Photography isn't always about the image quality; sometimes it's about the experience—"

Stratos H D says:

still better that the Canon and Nikon Mirrorless

Mihir Dahiya says:

I wish Tony made a serious 10min review about it on April fools

Mihir Dahiya says:

This camera is a meme

AD T says:

He looks like Julian Assange's metrosexual brother

Robert Mulligan says:

When I first saw the KS thing I thought "YEAH!!! Yashica is BACK!!! My childhood dream camera will be MINE!!!" Then I read through what it was: fake crap for gullible hipster posers (You know them: fake lumberjack beards, skinny jeans, pulled back wool hats, and carefully coiffed hair or man buns). Now I see that it's even worse than that – it's a scam. At first I wanted to feel bad for the investors, but they knew they were buying a gullible hipster poser camera, therefore they were in fact gullible hipster posers. Therefore, no, I have no sympathy.

Dominik Heidrich says:

Wow, so that's cheaper made and inferior compared to a Holga or Lomo 😀

Ryan H says:

I remember seeing this and my first reaction was "scam"

Steven Van Hulle says:

The Y35 may well find its place in history as the most hideous scam ever, even topping Solar Freaking Roadways.

Steven Van Hulle says:

Some it comes with "200 ISO", "1600 ISO", "6×6" and "B&W" digiFilm cartridges? What if I want to shoot 6×6 B&W pictures @ 1600 ISO?

Besides, I bet that if you open up the cartridges there will just be a couple of wires connecting some of the pins, so the camera can identify which cartridge you're using. And the 200 ISO and 1600 ISO may even be identical…

Steven Van Hulle says:

Is the lens a Zeiss?

Steven Van Hulle says:

Don't be too disappointed if you can't buy one if Yashica is out of business: there's a new Chinese scam on Kickstarter … any minute … NOW!

Steven Van Hulle says:

After watching this I'm still left with one question: does it have image stabilization?

Liana Drone says:

yikes! Thats worst than a $2 disposable box camera but for $160?!! WOW! Idk, I would be suspicious to connect that thing directly into my computer. Maybe the one working thing is the Malware that comes pre-installed, just plug it into your computer w the provided cord.

Don Santiago Ramon Cajal says:

I can't believe these muppets actually seriously compared the Fujifilm X-T3, one of the best cameras on the planet at the moment, with that abomination.

pscion12 says:

If memory serves me right, the original Yashica Electro uses a leaf shutter? It should be pretty quiet. As it is, it is a digital camera that looks like a leaf shutter rangefinder that sounds like a manual SLR.

pascoett says:

1 mio. $ is nothing. If the budget was 10 mio. we could talk.

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