World's Smallest Video Drone!

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Drones continue to shrink… This little guy shoots “720p” video, though as you can tell not all HD is created equal. That said, it’s still a cool way to get started with drones.

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Caleb60 says:

perfect for spying inside of area 51

Gabriel Moses says:

Did he just said One Direction…

Lewis studio says:

Me: Puts video on 1080p* "I have broke the system"

Aswin Pranav says:

What is price and I had like your video

Ian Fink says:

The background music is called four walls and an amplifier

Cyril Tagalog says:

Notice me please unbox therapy

Cyril Tagalog says:

I really really need the real me 2 pro please pick me for the giveaways please unbox king

Change Name says:


Drone says:

i am sending back my phantom 3!

Harris Christian Magalona says:

Wow smaller than Tello

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