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iPhone 11 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Huawei P40 Pro vs OnePlus 8 Pro vs Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro vs Redmi K30 Pro selfie camera test comparison

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Ooilei says:

The Samsung obviously wins hands down. The sharpness, the crispness, and detail can't be beat. A front facing camera that can do that is amazing. Anybody saying otherwise needs to watch the video in 4k. It becomes obvious by miles

MockTubeLOL says:

Redmi brings out the Spiderman in you

Trend ترند says:

We need to see the results at nighttime

michael Cruz says:

Where is the mate 30 pro 🤔?

Sourabh Khatri says:

It's kind of strange that you didn't mention the pixel phone. The way better selfie camera then another phone.
I believe that you already know it hence you didn't include it 😉

Elementar Meu Caro says:

Hmm… In terms of audio recording quality, which is extremely important for me, the best ones seem to be the Huawei and the Xiaomi. Although the mi 10 pro has the worst selfie camera among the bunch.

ishaque hassan says:

Yes, s 20 ultra & p40pro doesn't have noise ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

Ygor Cortes says:

VERY nice!

Honestly the iPhone's exposure doesn't look more natural to me, it's just underexposed. Sure, some phones are overexposed, but what you want is something in between.

Dark Fairy says:

What you think is better for vlog camera?

Adrià Sánchez says:

Where's the Pixel 4? It has a better selfie camera than all of those (and actually, the Pixel 3XL selfie camera is even better)

David Nadar says:

Should have added Oppo find X2 pro also

Adrian Addun says:

expensive is better

Jason Rey Ida says:

Cheaper xiaomi devices have EIS on front cam LOL, that problem might be fixed on future updates. MIUI updates have been very slow, maybe because the next update is MIUI 12.

Zeez Saud says:

S20 Ultra is in a different level


Huawei best selfie camera in every thing

Hyun Ji 16 says:

in my opinion Overall if i have to give ranking :

1. Iphone – Always good….tho i actually think some of shot is slighly underexposed
2. Samsung – This is pretty much middle ground of Iphone and Huawei….Probably best exposure….Second best video capture…..
3. Oneplus – Slightly suprising for me….i think if you looking for Just good photos and didnt care bout video….This phone is the one…it consistently good with sometimes slighly overexpose…..It can be 2nd best but video doesnt do it justice
4. Huawei – it really good….but very inconsistent…..Potrait mode is it biggest problem…..Video is slighly better than OP tho…so take it or leave it
5. Redmi – No suprises here…i think it take sort of ok Picture….like it not terrible but it wasnt too amazing….Video is definitely better than Mi10
6. Xiaomi – i think it just not so great….The picture taken was too bright while video is worse than Redmi

EJ Venida says:

Huawei P40 FTW!

Martin Spedding says:

Unless a phone has face recognision there is no point in having a front facing camera. I cant imagine that any one will choose a phone based on the front facing camera. Anither pointless feature is strereo speakers.

insrt name here says:

One+, Xiaomi, Redmi have JUNK selfie cameras. And all 6 of them are OVERPRICED.

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