Wireless Security Camera System – EufyCam E Review

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What’s the best wireless security camera system? Here’s my EufyCam E review, which covers my main criteria for a good camera system: battery-operated, easy to setup, good image quality, no subscription fees, local storage, and integrations with my smart home.

Eufy E with 2 Free Entry Sensors (referral link – not sponsored):

Attention UK viewers: Just got word that Eufy has 30% off through September 9th! https://bit.ly/EufyCamUK

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Undecided with Matt Ferrell says:

Eufy has a discount going right now until 9/6 in the US. The two camera system is down to $260: http://bit.ly/EufyDoorbellUS

mboiko says:

The Eufy Cam E is frustrating (outdoor use)…good audio/video/UI and no Subscription. But I'm probably looking at close to just 3 to 4 months of battery life with a non-replaceable battery in colder (considerably below the -4F limit) climates with moderate/high foot traffic. Not to mention all the false alarms caused by trees, leaves, shadows, wind, squirrels, etc. Much easier to add a solar panel and forget about it, especially if it's in a very hard to reach location. So Eufy/Anker come out with a solar panel, add a darker color to blend in better w/good outdoor mount…and I bet their sales would really increase. In the end, when it comes to battery life your mileage may vary but a solar panel would go a long way to addressing the issues a non-replaceable battery can bring….and issue that is made more glaring when someone is not always able to make it to the site..to charge up the batteries themselves.

SteveV says:

Wondering if you considered or will be considering the Circle2 especially now that it is the only camera supporting HomeKit Secure Video. I bought Circle2 on day one when they were first released and hated the Logitech software. I returned them in two days and went with Ring, then Nest and now replacing each with Wyze cams as the older ones die off from the elements of simply stop working. I am also trying to get away from subscription based services as much as possible,

terry givens says:

So you got some cameras for free to try out? Arlo, works for me… same options that it seems like theses cameras.. quality iss good, storage no problem.. if you going to have issues, you look within those 7 days… soooo, arlo is great

Dan Taylor says:

I was surprised when I heard you say, moving the hub to the first floor improved things. I would have thought, the cameras would connect to WiFi, instead of the hub itself. I have a large house, with mesh WiFi. It sounds like the cameras wouldn't be able to utilize the mesh system then. If so, I can foresee connection issues for distant cameras.

Robert Franz says:

How long do the batteries last recording 24/7?
What I have found is that motion detection and AI are great for marking a timeline for activity of interest, but without 24/7 recording, you'll always wonder what you just missed.
I'm sticking with Dahua for now.
They are somewhat user-hostile compared to the EufyCam, but they have much better optics.
1080p sounds good – until you realize that you only get good image capture with lots of light.
I have one of our Dahuas set up for License Plate Capture, and with optical zoom, plus a much bigger objective lens and full exposure control, it was pretty easy to get it dialed in.
It will capture a readable plate from 70' in zero lux conditions.
Also zero subscription cost, and I think the 'fancy' one I use for plates was $220 – the non zoom models I use were under $80 each shipped.
They are not a one size fits all solution, and much planning is required for a successful deployment, but you can meet pretty much any requirement with them.
They are poe – I'd rather string cable then change batteries, or rely on wireless.

Rony Fakhoury says:

How many cameras can be connected to the same main box? is it 4K? 4 channels or 8 channels? thank you

CompCrasher86 says:

Nice video. I'm wondering if the cameras can be plugged into constant power? I have one camera close to an outlet. If they do actually last a year on a charge, thats awesome. However, I've noticed the cold weather here puts most consumer electronic batteries to the test.

Kool one says:

I have looked at many cameras security systems and I think these are the best out there that are wireless. The sound and image equality is one of the best.

SuperPav82 says:

This System have an Advisor when the alimentation is down? In the arlo it is’nt

charmeurs444 says:

eufy Cam tell you about the battery life that lasts 1 years its impossible its cameras 🎥 turns in 1080 chord resolution storage and free it only copy Arlo that and free also on generations of pro and pro 2 for storage obviously this have passed to the latest Arlo generations like Arlo 4K and Arlo Pro 3 which just came out with a usb key you can converse you video and you will receive remote alerts after to have pet detection options package and the follow-up zoom and receive the alerts when you travel paying for a pittance which is 1dollars 80 cents anyway I have solar panels and my batteries all year long say that its the end of arlo its a good big eufy words to penetrate the market offers aggressive prices which normal but it will do like competition there will be subscriptions to be able to have a precise opinions on this brand savoi r sultan holds their promise on autonomy it is necessary to wait another 6 months to say ci Arlo has lost market shares 🚶♀️ for now Arlo and still in the top 5 surveillance cameras

cmscms123456 says:

Entry sensors… Harbor freight has them, 2 for $5. Work great… Doors or windows, I have a Arlo pro 2 love it. I dont need more than 7 days storage.. I look within a day to two and clear it out.

Sean Jandu says:

Great Info. was thinking to buy Eufy camera system,. do you know if Eufy yet has the geo fencing? And can this Eufy also control any smart lights etc. appericate it .

Jays G. says:

The Blink Indoor / Outdoor Smart Security Camera is $100-380 on Amazon https://amzn.to/32Jy4F9 with cloud storage , 2-way audio, 2-year battery life – 1 to 5 camera kit

E Akpan says:

Thanks for a great review

jose gonzales says:

This is not a cheap system. A Wyze sells for $20 each.
But the rub with all these systems is a lack of offline management and integration.
It's like the makers force you into one of their plans, free (no additional cost) or otherwise.
I don't like the fact that my data is stored on a server which I have no control.
On a specific note, I have a Wyze and while they check off several boxes, the lag is horrible and trying to find a specific event is a headache if not impossible. But they are $20/ each.

The goal would be a totally offline system that allows cloud backup as an option.
HTTPS interface.
Of course, I want a voice recognition server instead of relying on Amazon or Google.

Tesla, you listening?
Here's a market for your new supercomputer chip.

John Boy says:

This great video have helped me to decide, and to go for EufyCam E system. I first noticed this camera on Amazon(today), I have been looking up reviews and ended up on here. Looked more promising by this review and elsewhere than Arlo. I been wanting a wireless cameras for last 12 months or so.
For me , this is the one I have decided to go for.

Thank you for your efforts and making this video.😃👍🏻

Corae Dread says:

Did you look at other Arlo system features beyond the one you have? Your boxes will be checked.

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