Wireless Backup Camera – Review and Install

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How to install the easiest backup camera I’ve ever worked with. We got this camera installed in under 10 minutes and it works great. The best part is there’s no wiring, no splicing, nothing!

Pick up your Auto-vox Solar Wireless camera here: https://amzn.to/2o4uxCJ

Looking for a cheaper option? Check out out video on a $30 camera we installed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmp9N7U2jOY&t=206s

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DoItYourselfDad says:

Looking for a cheaper option? Here's out video installing a $30 backup camera: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmp9N7U2jOY&t

towerhillbilly says:

You didn't show us the view we might get from the monitor . I want to view my trailer hitch while hooking up… any suggestions?

edgenet1 says:

These garbage unit is discontinued, non worked for long.

StanDaMan29CPT says:

Even with the camera 😂🤣 installed he still backed into those boxes!!!

Ryan Miller says:

This looks exactly like what I want. But they're no longer available on Amazon.

duck ducky says:

Hey the amazon link you put doesn’t work anymore, do you have a new link I can use ?

optimusgts says:

Could this be installed as a FRONT VIEW CAMERA? Coz I keep hitting the wall of my garage as well as scraping those cement parking block.

Joan G. says:

Bought one, installed it easily and I love it! I always wanted a back up camera but I did not want to mess with the car wiring. Thanks for making me aware of this option!

Patrick Brennan says:

Please could you tell me where I can purchase the product you're fitting

Mr. Bluegrass says:

your daughter did a great job. you did alright as well.

J Jo says:

The system is fine, BUT…it covers up part of the license plate information. Is this legal? : /

Dale Wright says:

Nice job. Thank you!

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