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The Don DeLuxe says:

Please make a "Chelsea debunks Tony's ISO video" video! 🙂

Asa Ellison says:

I totally got what Tony meant in is ISO video and I agree with him

LensPassions Photography says:

Oh I missed it

Saumadip Manna says:

Actually , most of the pictures were great, and the critique was also good. Make some more content like this.

Gabriel Fernandez says:

My goodness, I want a Nikon show us some love too I don't have Canon or Sony lenses.

Sakib Hasan says:

Reviews are great, so many things can be learned from them.

Abhijeet Patil says:

@couldnt upload. Server error

George French says:

Excellent show. Thanks.

limyohwan says:

4:32 Perfectly balance, as all thing should be

Susan Suing says:

I saw Billy Joel when I was in high school. Front row seat. Amazing.

Jamie Dean says:

Couple hours to go😱😱😱😁😁

Randy Bocksnick says:

Tony – Will your presets work with Elements.?

Prajeesh Tv says:

Best of luck

Kevin James says:

alot are white and gray

Steven Carmichael says:

It seems that, by forfeiting color, submitters this week generally took composition and exposure to higher levels.

7norton4 says:

One of my favorite B&W conversion tools is Ilford FP4.

Ed Jimenez says:

Hey guys, can you compare the Nikon D5300 to the Nikon D3500…

Flary Fox says:

I respect Billy Joel , I think he's a great musician- but I can't think of one song of his that doesn't drive me up a wall

Michael Ogden says:

what is the difference between in-camera B&W (like Nikon D750/800) vs. conversion in Lightroom?

Kohi Cafe says:

The link shortener for submissions doesn't work over here. Please post the real link next time? I couldn't get my submission in.

John Berthoty says:

If you don't get to my photo, do I need to re-submit it next time?

Michael Ogden says:

Chelsea is so cool! She's like a wasp (the insect) with a velvet sting. POW – ahhhh. 🙂

John McCann says:

Might have been better skipping this week, too, if you weren't feeling it. (I totally respect we all have other things going on in life.)
Still – a draw's a draw I guess.

kickoverthestatues says:

How's about less of the jumping through hoops competitions. Comment on the video and you're in the draw to win a camera. I'm happy to be the first winner. Just send me any kit you're no longer using. Thanks 🙂

Michael Bryant says:

Billy Joel's Stiletto =Awesome!!

Lynne again says:

I loved you guys talking about the early years together… Also love Billy Joel and was totally unaware others don't?!? Wat????

Jen Scott says:

Seriously, when I have a problem photo and can't figure out what to do or where to start, I absolutely scroll through all the T&C presets and without fail I can at least get a good start!

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