Why smartphones are killing compact cameras

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gingercatni says:

Point and shoots will always be available as who want to risk losing their £999 phone when a point and shoot is cheaper and localised loss of photos only should the worst happen.

Levian & Z Nachtschatten says:

This guy is stupid, no idea what he is talking about. Dislike

Levian & Z Nachtschatten says:

If you just the kind of guy to take a picture and thats it, like most of us, Smartphones are taking over.

But if you are a professional photograper and you anderstand cameras you can do so much more with a camera, even low end compact cameras

cikenot90 says:

initially i bought the compact camera sony dsc-wx 500 for it's optical zoom, but from there i started to learn using manual modes. Sure my smartphone (samsung A50) does produce more desirable picture without sweat, but my cheap compact camera has the advantage of powerful optical zoom and wider range of manual control (which allow me to shoot starry sky) compared to my slightly pricey smartphone. Another one of my compact camera is fujifilm xp130, although it produce less than average quality picture compared to my smartphone, it has the advantage of being waterproof. I use it for shooting in bodies of water or in dirty situation (where it can be cleaned with running water later).
You can always get a better bang for buck with compact camera than smartphones.

MrWhoIsTheTraveller says:

But do cameras lose value slower than smartphones?

Darryl Fallen says:

Smartphone can shoot. Edit and upload instantly.

misigun says:

If you want to shoot in auto mode, well, choose the phone. If you care about photography, choose the camera. Yeah, at first glance it seems like that the phone provides better dynamic range. But the phone takes several images with different exposure values and bakes them together. The camera? Just shoot in raw and then you can play with the exposure as you wish. Not to mention the really small sensor size. Well if you choose the camera you'll get so much better low light performance. And video quality is superior on the camera because the higher bitrate it uses, it wont cause as many compression artifacts.

Sunrazor says:

Smartphones are replacing the dumb point and shoots. Much like a smartphone replaced the dumb phone. But an enthusiast compact camera like e.g. RX100-series laughs pretty hard at a phone. Optics are better. Sensor is bigger and way better in dynamic range and color depth. It can track objects better. It produces raw files for editing and producing high quality prints. It can get bokeh without artifacts. For the average idiot on Instagram it will probably not matter as the knowledge to take good pictures is lacking anyway. Honestly, smartphones take very crappy photos if you try to print them. The sensor is simply to small and the plastic lenses to tiny to produce quality images.

君愷范 says:

in my opinion, Apple and Samsung have better smartphone cameras with their more traditional RGB CMOS sensor, Huawei's RYYB would often shift the tone of the image towards red and it looks pretty nasty

Azmi Hakam says:

It replaced compact camera for versitality indeed, but i still use my canon G7X Mark 1, somehow it still looks better than my Galaxy S10. Smartphone camera feels too flat, and too much artefact in video shooting.

Deb Campos says:

I absolutely disagree with your comparison!!! The Sony camera delivered a much more Superior and realistic image and video! Even though I own a Galaxy S10 and love my phone, it's image is so plastic and artificial. Just like the phones you used here. Sorry but you're completely off here.

Blood Hunter says:

Can you speak louder in your vid? I totally can't hear you with my loudest volume on my phone….

darkstepwarrior88 says:

Love the shirt

Kamerton Audiophile player says:

Phones just keep name a phone, but actually it is a camera with a call ability, although nobody reviews it anyway.

Eugénio Montês says:

everything electric or electronic will end up in a smartphone

jve89 says:

Dying? They are dead for a loooooong time already.

Daniel Sikora says:

The glossy black pixel 4 looks so bad. Really happy with my P4 and glad I got the Orange

Hetzerogeneous says:

In a nutshell,
Phone cameras have gotten so good.

To the point that you don’t need a bulky point-&-shoot camera in most situations. That is why compact cameras are dying.

Geric John Olivar says:

why is this channel dying?

Charles Talhelm says:

No the sony isn't really a point and shoot. It's actually just a compact and practically advertised as the most "pro" compact camera there is.

Delcio says:

I remember a few years back when reviewers would say things like:

"The camera is good but it won't replace your point and shoot just yet"

We've come a long way.

mitesh mahajan says:

Awesome camera king

Davit Gadelia says:

this guy does his job very good!

4saken404 says:

I think it'a pretty telling that most of the negative comments here are pretty much trying to say how DSLRs are better than modern smartphones. And only because you can manually edit the RAW files yourself. Which is kind of damning because you NEED to edit those files in the first place in order to get a better image. Or they complain because a dedicated camera has a better sensor whereas a smartphone relies on processing. YEAH THAT'S THE EFFING POINT. The software is rapidly catching and in some cases surpassing regular cameras.

I used to own a Sony myself (mk II) and loved it but that was a couple years back when smartphones still could barely compete. I was even considering getting an RX100 again until I saw this. After watching this I'm frankly shocked at how poorly it performed, especially in regards to things like dynamic range which I thought a proper camera would in hands down.

ashouhdy says:

@4:00 pixel4 shot loaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaadssssssss of noise

Jeff Sadeghi says:

I prefer SONY Compact camera

Peter Parker says:

Smartphone cameras just fits the needs of what most people want. That is why smartphones have beauty mood. Everyone want to look better than their actual flat dull self. The camera devision just needs to pivot and realize they are selling to a niche market now. The point and shoot camera industry is declining like the print newspaper industry or fax machines.

Abdullah Zafar says:

should have compared a camera from 2019

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