Why is this the Best Selling DSLR? | Canon T7

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Weslley produções says:

Iai cara……gosto bastante do seu canal…ativa a legenda para os brasileiros


It works good for me for shooting porn I’m a adult film actor and performer and the T7 works well

E Smith says:

How is he doing the slow-mo with only 30 fps?

liljacq says:

what camera lens should I use for this camera

EthaansR says:

What Canon camera did you recommand for less than 450$ ? Like an 7D used ? There is a lot on used market for 350$. Is it worst ? Thanks

postulusml says:

So, because I'm a beginner, I'm stupid?

disneymama78 says:

What is a good camera for everyday use as well as outdoor (nature and wildlife) pictures? Going to Alaska next year and I need a camera that will take great photos.

Ilir Cami says:

I'd imagine teh SL2 shoots better video and is better video oeverall?

Landon Mendez says:

What lens did you put in the camera to take the photos after you said add a better lens and it’s a beast ?

yash mehta says:

Can i still buy this in 2020?

Carolina says:

i probably should’ve watched this video before i bought one ):

Yeshúa Channel says:

¿Don't have 4k?

George Smith says:

Video was awful

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