Why I Ditched Canon DSLRs for Blackmagic (Quality Comparison)

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Cinema cameras like the Blackmagic URSA Mini and DSLRs live in different worlds. Here’s a quick lowdown of what sets them apart.

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Parting is such sweet sorrow . . . well, not all of the time. Ken has used Canon for several years to shoot videos, but he has moved on to a Blackmagic URSA Mini—a 4K Super 35 digital film camera. But why? This video pits the URSA against Canon DSLRs to show the significant difference in picture quality and features.

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IMPORTANT: This video is not intended to bash the Canon brand. In fact, Ken still uses Canon cameras for photography. This video is just to show DSLR users what they might be missing out on, in regards to the capabilities of a digital film camera. Ken is also aware that Canon does sell cinema camera bodies, but those cameras typically boast a higher price than the URSA Mini.

ALSO IMPORTANT: A YouTube video is compressed and will not show the really fine details that a digital film camera has to offer. Please take a look at the link below to see high quality renders of examples from this video.

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Sinned says:

Im not too into cameras but i got my hands on a canon rf with the 28-70 lens, you think it holds up nicely to this? Cause i heard black magic is pretty much the best you can get

satyanarayan debbarma says:

Nice voice.. U should go for voice over videos.

Spups says:

You must bare in mind here viewer, the team over at magic lantern are what makes canon cameras (even old models like the original 7d) so desirable for low budget video. Most of the negatives in your 5D footage are a consequence of H.264, not the sensor. Everyone knows the internal codec sucks, it's not really usable for serious work. The 5D MK3 does happen to be the most well featured and supported camera that ML has a build for, with 10,12 and 14 bit RAW recording, at 3k/4k. I would have loved to see side by side footage of this against the Ursa. This isn't a defence of canon the company, I just feel the potential abilities of the MK3 are left unmentioned here!
The biggest flaw of DSLRs is definitely the jello rolling shutter.

Vincent Van gogh says:

Magic lantern ruined my camera,so i will switch to blackmagic

Tobias De Ryck Videograaf says:

I'm sorry but how can you compare black magic 4K with 1080p?? :p If you would want to make a fare competition you should have taken the 1d mark II


I feel like Canon cameras are terrible without magic lantern.

Cha Ish says:

Did you tried Magic Lantern RAW before deciding ? I just want to know if you did then what's your thoughts between Magic Lantern RAW and BM.

manik bhure says:

Canon are only best in Photography not for videography

TVperson1 says:

Do you noticed any fixed pattern noise in the low light?

muad yussuf says:

Awesome video, man. I was dead set on getting a Sony A73 for video use, but I'm now 100% going for the cheaper BMPCC 4k. I thought DSLR shooters with full frame sensors were as good as it gets for video image quality outside of the expensive hollywood cameras, but of course I was woefully ignorant about their limitations versus dedicated video cameras, even with their large sensors.

MayhemMuzikTV09 says:

so this one isnt a full frame?? are there any full frame BlackMagic cameras?


Canon Dslrs are the worst option for make video.

Present Trend Production says:

Is it still worth in 2018

creoflux says:

This review would have made a lot more sense if you compared the URSA Mini to the ML Raw of the 5Dmkiii, not the crappy h264 output.

Daniel JohnFord says:

Here i am, watching products i cannot afford.

KarmaForThe DramaLlama says:

The difference just isn't anything I would notice or care about when not a by side like this, great video by the way

Shawn Charley says:

Best camera uve had in your hands haha.

Marks Music Place says:

I don't understand why people think a DSLR is worth buying over cinema cameras if they just want to shoot videos.  No DSLR can match a real pro level cinema digital camera. You should have kept that Canon DSLR and used what it is great for !!!!!!!!. PHOTOGRAPHY !!!!!!!!!!

Cryptic Wintermoon says:

do c-log on the canon next time.

D'Alessandro Films says:

How do you go about color grading the footage?

Shawn Darling says:

great job! Man, how many times can people who cant afford the Ursa ask the same questions over and over? I love my Ursa Mini Pro!!

JAECize Unreal Anomaly says:

I don't understand how some people deal with thumb downs. I cry every time I get one well almost every time even though I put no effort into my pointless videos.

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