Why Bridge Cameras Are Great for Travel – Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

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Looking for the perfect holiday camera? You may not have considered a bridge camera – these devices tend to be more affordable than DSLRs, with similar handling and versatility, and many offer superb features like the massive 65x zoom of the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

Matt takes the SX60 HS to Budapest to demonstrate what makes it such a great travel camera.

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popular song says:

So good camara

Scope Gamers says:

my dude got a sniper man damn

FRAME 62 says:

I have just stumbled across your video and it looks impressive, I'm wondering have you ever tried out the panasonic lumix fz82 ?

rainbow my channel says:

Nikon coolpix p900 is also a great bridge Camera .See my channel for great videos.

Branimir Devilnightmare says:

I need some advice from you if you can help me . I have the same camera like you . How can I adjust my camera settings to get wide – angle videos ?Can you write down , step by step camera settings .Your videos are great wide- angled , and I also wish to get such videos .Thank you in advance . Greetings Branimir ! I am subscribed at your channel !

Hug 23 says:

i cant see thru the viewfinder.. what button did i press? help

Mohd Zabri says:

I m looking for a solder strap like yours. Where did you buy it?

W Leon says:

I have a Fujifilm Finepix S99OOW and a Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd. Both of them are bridge cameras, and both are capable of taking great close up shots and nighttime shots too. Even though the lenses on both of them are not that fast. My S99OOW has a 50x zoom, and is also capable of WiFi, and my S1000fd has a 12x zoom. One potential issue with both of them is that they only take in JPEG not RAW, but if you can overcome that then they are both great cameras to own.

Orbán Kristóf says:

….but you're not Hungarian 😂
You have a nice British accent.

Love Boy says:

Anyone plz suggest me I'm from India i want to buy a camera
Please suggest me between Canon sx60 is better or canon eos1300d

Sándor Nagy says:

I have an sx50 hs. I have one serious problem with it. The video picks up terrible noise when either the autofocus or the zoom works. I wonder what is the case with the sx60 hs.

disco小小酥 says:

Is this camera good enough for indoor youtube videos?

Hernan Enriquez says:

I have the SX 40 and 60, the SX 40 is superior for JPEG stills. !!!!!!!!!

Dari24k says:

How do you buy something with weight

Mariann Simon says:

everyone forgets to mention that this series has a possibility to use a 58mm adapter ring to attach filters and macro lens to the camera which makes it even better than other brands.

Viajar é viver says:

Great review. Do you think it's possible to get acceptable (not perfect) pictures of milk way and nothern lights with this camera?

Syah Mh says:

Can anyone buy this camera for me 😅🙏🏻

ok go says:

can i achieve flat colors  in video recording with this camera for post production ?

Markprecise says:

I hope you had a great time in Budapest 🙂

Deyvson Moutinho Caliman says:

I bought a superzoom camera, sold to buy a DSLR, which is great, nice landscapes and portraits… But I had to buy another one because I simply got addicted to the zoom capabilities and other features. They are amazing for making movies too because they have constant focus and face recognition, not to mention the very capable image stabilizer, that make it possible to carry it around while making a video avoiding bad shaking. Even today when I'm going out and have to choose a camera I'm divided, they are lots of fun.

Prakash Patro says:

Hi plz suggest should we go for B700 or P900?

Sonia Dyne says:

Great review Thankyou very much

Explore Malaya says:

Is this camera good for landscape Photography?

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