White Balance Tool Comparison in Digital photography

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Go to http://www.imagemaven.com/white-balance-card-comparison/ for more info on white balance. This video compares setting custom white balance using an “in camera” Expodisc type of tool, with using a white balance gray card.

The methods work for video white balancing too and this particular video was balanced using the “in camera” custom white balance method.

The through the lens white balance tool is used when shooting your pictures. You set up your custom white balance after taking a photo using the special disc that attaches to the front of your camera. Get the Expodisc from Amazon: http://amzn.to/AxhFWv

To use the White Balance cards (WhiBal) you need to take a reference photo and then in editing and you make your changes to all the files shot under the same color temperature. Get the WhiBal card from Amazon http://amzn.to/yfYOc9

Original video file: https://youtu.be/XWVkC4D5Lcc


Maurice Lamain says:

very useful tutorials!

Matthew Deegan says:

Hi Marlene
Thanks a lot for video,
I agree with you that the white screw -on disk (18% gray) produced a slightly more bluish tint than the photo balanced with the gray card
The reason for that is (it would seem to me )is because there is a yellowish sun tint in the scene where the Expodisk like disk was used
The Expodisc photo can be exactly balanced with the gray card photo simply by excluding yellow sun areas from the composition of the Expodisc calibration………alternatively if a yellow cast is required as an end product then focus the Expodisc on a cooler northern sky for example
Thanks once again
Matt Deegan

Ravens At Odds says:

Great video very helpful. I’m wondering if you have a preference for the Expodisc vs cheap regular white balance lens caps? Is the Expodisc worth the extra money?

Ek Chuah Studios says:

Good info, thanks.

Andrew Russell says:

Question: Does that cap have a pinhole for a tether? Most variants that I've seen do no. I keep slipping lens caps into my pocket only to find they've disappeared later. The best solution is tethering them to the body when I remove them.

Sergey Vasilishin says:

Expodisk sounds good with only one caveat. I would never point my expensive mirrorless camera sensor on a sun, I don't want it to be fried.

Paul Harding says:

Audio audio audio ! 👎

Tattoo Billy Von says:

I just got the expodisc2.0

Patrick Meus says:

Thanks for the tips Marlene!

Jack Toddy says:

Many thanks – a very useful video test.

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