Which Sony Mirrorless Camera Should You Buy?

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I share my thoughts on which Sony Mirrorless Camera You should buy in 2018. Guide: http://geni.us/35wJl (Focused on the US Market)

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Eli says:

13:41 I wish I had this problem. When you have so many cameras you can’t find the one you’re looking for.

skatofu says:

this is a solid review, getting an a7 iii – thanks so much for the spreadsheet!

AriHD says:

7:40 actually you can get a (Sony) hot-shoe mic which is pretty good 😉

Mark Fisch says:

Damn I see the a6000 on the web for 648

michang05 says:

What’s the best one for 2019 full frame?

Eric Luu says:

i have a cannon t7i, but want to switch to sony because of the size. which one is comparable? please help thanks. i'm not a professional photographer. just want a good one comparable to t7i thanks

Where Fans Meet says:

Learn How To Shoot A Video With Any DSLR OR Mirrorless Camera

Phil Jones65 says:

Say no to boxy bland camera designs! Sorry dudes I love Sony tech but their E mount cameras are just meh handling and design.

Austin Laconich says:

thank you. Subscribed

Anujot Kaur says:

Hello I was considering on buying the a6300 but when I search online it shows a lot of different options. Like it’s says alpha and other stuff is there anyway you can please tell me the exact description for it

Ryan says:

Can you please do a more in depth guide on "what sony full frame camera you should buy" detailing the pros/cons of the a7ii, a7iii, a7rii and a7sii i really dont know what one of these to pick up as im making the switch from canon and plan to adapt my current L series glass using the metabones

Frank Feng says:

A6400 seems to be a perfect camera.

Marc Gosselin says:

A7iii all the way!

Gerson Madrid says:

Sorry you were not invited to the presentation of the A6400, you MUST be in any sony events end even more when a APSC camera is released. Sony, if you are reading this, Invite this guy alright?

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