Which Sony Mirrorless Camera is Right For You?

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Erik travels to Montana for Sony’s first annual camera camp! While camping out in the woods, he tests out Sony’s two newest APS-C cameras, the a6100 and the a6600. And just for comparison, Erik also throws in the a6400 into the arena. With all these options, which camera should you pick for your kit?

Find the cameras we tested here:
Sony Alpha a6100 – https://adorama.rfvk.net/G3krm
Sony Alpha a6400 – https://adorama.rfvk.net/V3KoO
Sony Alpha a6600 – https://adorama.rfvk.net/Z3z0X

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Andrew Parsons says:

Please check your caption files, YouTube think you are speaking Dutch instead of English.

Captions (automatic or manual) account for 33% of relevancy in classifying videos and metadata according to Matt Gielen of Little Monster Media Co.

Frank Feng says:

A7iii + Tamron 28-75 (or 24-105G) is better than A6600 + 16-55GM.

Joel Macha says:

Cool. Now bring back BFX. All this stuff is still super expensive. Show us the indy stuff.

vinoth .k says:

Sony a6100 Battery life?
Pictures quality?
video quality?

Daniel sanchez says:

No A6500? Dang

cKreepyOh says:

Eric? What year is this?

Miley onDisney says:

Although I much prefer Sony, Canon still has the most-awesome flip screen. What is Sony waiting for???

Brian Hansen says:

Than answer is none for me. Just say no to Sony!

Test Account says:

Eric is the only reason I'm still subbed to this channel after all these years

berryzu says:

Soooo the a6500 is absolute or sum ???

Anthony PC says:

What . about rolling shutter AKA THE JELLO EFFECT ?

It's the main doubt I'm still having about getting a low-light Sony DSLR for video.

chrisw443 says:

I prefer micro four thirds or a one inch sensor, i like s16mm look

Lillian says:

Eric! Griffin and the new guy suck ass. Glad to see you. Good informative and entertaining video. I own an A6400 with a buncha lenses and love it

Lillian says:

Eric! Griffin and the new guy suck ass. Glad to see you. Good informative and entertaining video. I own an A6400 with a buncha lenses and love it

23Prospero37 says:

Gee $1600-2400 with a lens. Not a budget camera for me.

Sangmen Tzudi says:

70 to 35mm. Hehee 5:20

Wilson Newman says:

WTF happened here?!

I eagerly subscribed to this channel after seeing some FANTASTIC professional lighting videos and now some advertisement for Sony cameras shows up in the feed? I had to look twice to make sure it really was the same channel. What the hell?

BlackEntrepreneur24 says:

No picture profile on the 6100? Im better off buying a lumix G85 as I intended.

No Crew Film says:

I think the Middle Sony A6400 is always better
Because with the extra money for IBIS, battery & headphone jack in can even buy a gimbal,extra batteries.

Review as a Filmmaker #NoCrewFilm 🎬

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