WHICH SHOULD YOU GET? Sony a6400 vs Canon M6 MK II Comparison

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⭐️ Buy the Sony a6400: https://geni.us/sony-a6400body (affiliate)
⭐️ Buy the Canon M6MKII: https://geni.us/XHsya3 (affiliate)

How do you compare the Sony a6400 and the Canon M6 mark II for both photography and video? These are two of the most popular beginner mirrorless cameras from Sony and Canon and they offer great value.

The a6400 is a fantastic aps-c camera from Sony and offers an outstanding value. The M6 MK II is the new king of aps-c mirrorless cameras from Canon.

There are some similarities and some significant differences, so I will cover the strengths and weaknesses of the #a6400 and the #m6mkii for both photography and video, and I discuss everything from body type, framerate and resolution, autofocus, lens options, audio features, and ergonomics.

I will also look at the #sony a6400 and the Canon M6mkii in terms of battery life, timelapse, viewfinder and streaming options and recording limit.

Finally I’ll tell you which option I think is best for different uses.

21:32 AUDIO

Buy the Sony a6400 (updated):
⭐️ Body only: https://geni.us/sony-a6400body (affiliate)
⭐️ Kit used (for review) in video: https://geni.us/HaLIEb (affiliate)

Buy the Canon M6MKII (updated):
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Sony a6400 and Canon M6 MK II microphones:
Microphone comparison video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hE84RCziiv8
Deity V-Mic D3 Pro: https://geni.us/WO8R (affiliate)
Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone: https://geni.us/rode-videomicro (affiliate)
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Best Lavalier Microphone:
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Pro Option: https://geni.us/tgtavxme2 (affiliate)
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My favorite 3-axis Gimbals:
Zhiyun-Tech Weebill S: https://geni.us/UOACzSh (affiliate)
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Tech Gear Talk says:

⭐️ Buy the Sony a6400: https://geni.us/sony-a6400body (affiliate)

⭐️ Buy the Canon M6MKII: https://geni.us/XHsya3 (affiliate)

What's up everyone?! Big thanks to the TGT NOTIFICATION SQUAD!!! I hope this comparison of the Sony A6400 and the Canon M6MKII with sample footage and images is helpful. These are two of my favorite beginner mirrorless cameras for both photography and video. Let me know what you think!!

Would love to know what you think, good or bad. I am grateful in advance 🙏

neogod29 says:

I bought the a6600 when it was on sale for $1199.

Phantom3ancer says:

Hello sir, I'm planing to get my first camera, and those are someone's recommendations.
Sony a6100 16-50
Canon 77d 18-135
Fujifilm xt 100 ili xt 30 15-45 later samyang 8mms f2.8
For nature,landscape,wildlife up to 1-1.3k with one lense

Ömer Ekici says:

Just watching this video because I can't find many videos about the A6100. I will sell my A6000 and upgrade when it will be in discount.

TopicRuben says:

Haha haha. Great bloopers… animal- eye-auto-focus 😂

TopicRuben says:

Great cameras, both of them! Awesome and detailed review. Thanks, Sagi 👊

i guile says:

My new favourite youtuber. You have gained a subscriber

C O says:

Great conparison

Arthur Mermelshtein says:

Nice review Sag and you do try to give as much info as possible, well done but…
Yoy can only know if a camera works for you is if you use it for a while.
Knowing the specs and abilities is very good (but in the end all nowday cameras are good) but deciding on that alone makes you miss.

I used the Sony6400 (still don't like Sonys, but that's me, they have good things and bad things like everyone else) the m6 ii and m50 .
Wanted to buy myself a small 2nd camera and a camera for my wife.
Out of the 3 I mentioned bought for my wife the m50 (it's her 1st camera and she's in her 50s 😀 it's the first time she showed interest in photography so I instantly bought her one…) I feel that out of the bunch of those 3 the m6 ii is best and would have bought it if it had a built-in viewfinder.

For myself (after watching and reading reviews) bought blindly the Fuji XT30 (something I never do) because it is small and I like the retro approach.
It was a mistake, that is not a camera for me , I don't care what reviews say it feels like a toy like flimsy camera, it's handling is awful, the "simulations" are nice but they are just picture profiles in the end, its output is somewhat overated (it's still a good camera but when returning to it from the R it just makes me sad(I bought the R after testing it and went mirrorless only to be able to use 10s of my vintage lenses) and their lenses are weak, yes I said weak, both in handling and build quality and in IQ (35 f1.4 and 56 f1.2 are the only ones I used that are good)
But all that is my problem.

Personal handling is the deciding factor in the end.

P.S: in a retrospective I wouldn't buy for myself any of those 4 cameras as a second one, if I didn't have the R I'd buy the RP as a 2nd one since in that price range its better then all mentioned and still small enough.

Abdullah Arafat says:

If there is & $100 difference between canon m50 and M6 mark 1.
Which camera I should choose?

Andreas Buder says:


that was without question the most comprehensive and detailed review and comparison video I have seen to date. I am impressed! And props to the VideoMic Go solution, mind blown!!!

It feels a little bit bad to nitpick at minor things, because I believe it is almost impossible to think of everything. But I will shift the picture more in favor of the M6 II because of four things:

1) The HDMI output is actually 10-bit 4:2:2 and you can import 3rd party Log-profiles. With an recorder, the M6 II gains the upper hand for video.
2) It uses an UHS-II slot, which works at approx. 170 MB/s (tested from ValueTech-Channel), so clears the buffer at double the speed while the camera is fully functional, whereas the A6400 just partially locks the camera, i.e. no video recording available anymore, until the buffer has cleared, which takes literally minutes. A major No-Go for me.
3) It uses an USB-C port, which streamlines my charging cables and charger.
4) Despite having a smaller lens selection, the actual lenses are a much better fit to the camera. They are all of similar, smaller size, good to excellent optical performance, while the Sony’s tend to be bigger and heavier OR of inferior optical quality. The adapter also works flawlessly with EF lenses.
And the most subjective fifth point: With the external EVF, my nose doesn’t touch the LCD and my thumb for moving the AF can reach the LCD better.

Have a nice day, I enjoyed the video very much.

Ian Turner says:

I have been on the fence for the past few weeks about which camera to purchase (M6 MK II or a6400). I have watched many videos on each camera individually and read all the specs. To get an unbiased, visual comparison, a detailed explanation and definitive summary at the end was fantastic. You really helped me make an informed decision based on my shooting needs. Thank you for doing this video.

Trius says:

Finally, I watched it.
A fantastic comprehensive review, nothing left out.
No EVF, no buy. I'm long-sighted so I need an EVF. In the age of smartphones, sony won't put a proper touchscreen on a small screen. Smh.

Juan M. Ruiz says:

That's quite the monitor setup you got there, next time Google "hacker simulation screen" its a website that will make you look like a hacker

Juan M. Ruiz says:

Look its Ross from friends 😂

Nandeesh M K says:

Nice video..make videos about lenses sir.

Phabeon Dominguez says:

NOT a photographer in any way… Just want HQ family pics, awesome vacation pics, and 4k video. Research says a6400 is best value camera to get for $900. However what lens should I get? Anything else I should know or buy?

Much appreciated



Kun Khmer គុនខ្មែរ says:

hello happy new year 👎👍👍

Trius says:

4 seconds into your video and I get endless, 2-minute ads. Youtube is making itself a chore to use.
Sorry mate never got to see your video because youtube decided I needed to watch irrelevant ads.

Kelly Tsui says:

Is Sony a6400 skin tone looks a little yellowish in photo ?

Ziko van Dijk says:

Hi there, a wonderful and useful video, thank you! In general, I am interested especially in your personal experiences (and a little bit less in specifications).

Marlon King says:

Very thorough dude. As with everything its half a dozen of one and the same with the other. I feel like the sony is still best for 4k and slow mo. Canon does great 1080p. A shame the sony app is still rubbish. I struggle to get mine in live mode sometimes. Its hidden in the menus so most of the time i go blind.
Im glad canon have stepped up their game. I think next iteration they will be winning again if they listen to feedback.

Joshua says:

Excellent video! Might want to just double check your video description though 😉

You put M50 instead of M6 II 😁 Can happen to the best of us

Terrell Woods says:

Great work on the comparison of these two kits. I had purchased that little Canon a few months ago as a little walk around with the 22 f.2. Have you had a chance to shoot with Sigma glass? That 16 sounds tempting. I was wondering would I be able to pretty much use your M50 vid tutorial for this kit. You packed a whole bunch in there for sure. Great stuff. Looking forward to more. Thanks

Jesse Goll says:

Hey man. Fantastic video, I really appreciate the in-depth comparison between both cameras. I am planning on upgrading from my older A-Mount A77II in the next month or so and have been eyeing the A6400/6600 because of the e-mount and ability to use with my G-Master glass from my A7III, but Canon has been doing some really cool things recently with their mirrorless cameras and firmware updates, and the canon color science is SO tempting. This review really helped make up my mind on the A6400, this B camera would be dedicated to video, and I think that unlimited record time and the ability to record while plugged in are a huge benefit for my situation. Thank you for doing a thorough comparison, this was crazy helpful!

2002Dewalt says:

May need to look at your links, the one for the sony 6400 says its 4200 dollars Australian. Id rather buy a car 🙂

Techno Panda says:

Great video as usual. I was planning to get a6400 but Sony dropped the price on a6100 to $598 and I pulled the trigger. And I am very happy with it. It has all the goodness of a6400 minus picture profile, which I would not have used anyway!

Harrison Family Vlogs says:

I have the a6400 and a6600. The M6 MKII looks like a great option as well for people looking to Vlog

Harrison Family Vlogs says:

The resort looks just like a place I frequent in Mexico called the Vidanta Grand Mayan.

Satyam Yadav says:

Informative video

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