Which Nikon Camera Should You Buy? Z6, Z7, D850, D5

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If you’re in the market for a new Nikon Full Frame FX Camera and you’re not sure what the differences are, this video is for you. Even though Nikon has more than four full frame cameras on the market currently, I only consider these four to be the ones I would purchase new. The Nikon Z7, Z6, D850 and D5. The Nikon D750 which is a fantastic camera is on it’s last legs and lacks some modern features. The Nikon Df, well, yea, that was DOA.

Real World Reviews
Nikon Z7 http://bit.ly/2FQKD9U
Nikon Z6 http://bit.ly/2FOlEDT
Nikon D850 http://bit.ly/2FPuh14
Nikon D5 http://bit.ly/2FPDo1F

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C O says:

I got the Sony a6400 and it's fantastic at $899 for 4k video. If Nikon can prove their AF firmware update is as good as Sony, then z6 for full frame, otherwise I will have to go all Sony.

jacasan2000 says:

Why ,why don’t make a Z series with built-in af motor for Af lenses and battery grip😡😡??just need a d850 with evf and linkage without mirror and and Z mount ..why why!!???.. will be a perfect camera

A B D I A S says:

Is the z6 good for landscapes?

Jay Schtulmann says:

Get the a73 or A9

jackson pine says:

So glad I returned to film.

Jordan Fox Studios says:

Mirrorless cameras are just a waste I am happy with D 850 it's a beast

Dafydd Thomas says:

Your new App mygearvault.com is superb – using it now to catalogue my new things and overtime my existing gear, One question is there an option to download the data in it to Excel / Generate external reports / lists like a PDF report. ?

Burnningsoul says:

I'm sure the mirrorless will be the best choice in the future. Problems is the two are I feel nikon's first steps. They aren't the best mirrorless out there. Down the road esp when they start putting out the lenses and they put out their next gen versions. If I was to get one for the moment it would prob be D850. I don't do video much if I did I would consider the Z-6 or another brand like Fuji or sony. I just enjoy taking photos. Knowing that would rather use something that uses the lens I have and not have to go through an adaptor. The 850 will work fine for the coming years until nikon comes up with something worth getting in the mirrorless world. Hopefully its next gen in a couple of years. By then we will have the better sensors . And built more solidly with better battery life. People have to learn that latest newest gadget isn't always the best. The latest best is not going to help you if you don't know how to take photographs. A camera is just a tool. As ansel Adams said "“The single most important component of a camera is the twelve inches behind it!” meaning the person using it.

Nate Straubinger says:

This helped me a lot! Thank you!

James Hoopes says:

Okay, you firmed my decision to get the Z6. Nice comparison!

smilsmff says:

No one talks about flapping of shutters, and the erratic optical view with super fast shutters, I tried D500 ANd i could not really see the Bird in flight/action. The black out takes away. i can understand why 3d tracking is most likely used, anything that changes direction surely wont be seen

No Filter Reviews says:

Amazing lens at a great price. Take a look. Here is the link.

CowBoy Marlboro says:


Alain Laloum says:

Hi Jared

I really thank your for your videos. I would like to have your advices concerning the choice of a mirrorless.
I have a d750 and i want to switch to z6 or z7. I am doing portraits and landscape photography.
Someone adviced me to wait for the z6 MK2. But i gess it will not Come soon. Then Z6 or Z7?
Thanks a lot

TrickTrades says:

Hey bud, just wanted to say it's funny how youtube works….usually, the most knowledgeable ones have the fewest subscribers, not that 1 million subs isn't amazing (congrats btw) but the amount of content and the thoroughness of the content you produce is outstanding and should have 20 times the subs! Really appreciate all you do……
Thanks, Pat

Clinton Burrows says:

Really great video, nice to see them put side by side with all the specs. Really helpful, thanks.

Vimal Krishna says:

excellent review!

luka kerekes says:

Koji kurac ovo radi u meme rewriue

andrademeza says:

Dam z6 was looking good till the single card slot part.

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