Which FUJI Camera to buy – FUJI X BUYING GUIDE

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In this video I’ll try to help you decide which FUJI X camera body to buy. We’ll break it down from the the most expensive, fancy, and newest camera bodies (like the FUJI X-T4) all the way down to some cameras you can get used for as low as $250. Somewhere in this video you’ll find a camera right for you.

Here are some timestamps to navigate the video (based on your budget):
$1200 – $1800 USD: 4:10
$1000 – $1200 USD: 13:29
$800-$1000: 20:43
$700-$800: 23:23
$500-$700: 25:23
Less than $500: 33:20

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Chester Ariate says:

https://youtu.be/nRYQfYW9Y98 this video shoot on xt100 and all i can say is its not all about the camera. Its the user. 😅😅.
P.S. I forgot to set a higher bitrate on my vids that is why it is pixelating 😊😊

Steve H says:

You mention you are filming with the Panasonic s1 does that do better for video then the xt4 ?

David COURTOIS says:

Coming from my big heavy (but still good) nikon d90, I’ll definitely go for the compact lightweight excellent x-t30 (even if not interested by video).

Anonymous says:

thank you for the video

Victor Ulloa says:

I want to let you guys know I just bought the Xt30 with the 18-55 kit lens for $955 before tax and shipping on Amazon. I wanted a small and portable camera that had good quality so I could capture moments in my life anywhere I went. I was considering getting a used Fuji I actually almost bought a Xt2 for $550 but after looking into some newer models and really thinking about the long term use I’m not sure how the camera will hold up and I always put insurance on my expensive items I decided to again look into new ones and found the Xt30 for $675 body only and again $955 with the kit lens. I really didn’t want to spend this much on a camera but it was a really good deal so I bit the bullet and am now waiting for it to ship to me. Also guys if you’re patient and keep an eye on amazon listings you might see the same price I did I saw that mine has been jumping in price it’ll go to $1299 then back down sometimes on certain colors.

Airam Dato-on says:

The answer is make enough money to buy all.

Pemako diary says:

Buy Nikon D6

Hendrik Heinemeier says:

Great Video and thanks for the german subtitles

Graham Turner says:

Looking to purchase an XT-30

John .Delahunty says:

I’m lusting over the x70 but I can get two xf10s (almost) for the same price but keep seeing the autofocus is junk in the xf10. I need a sponsorship from Fuji just to try both out and see what works best

Wendy Z says:

Been using X-Pro 1 for EIGHT years!! now want an updated one!

Martin Suen says:

Actually, X-T4 overheats too. There're cases that it shuts down after 10min+ 4k60p shooting. Some do not. Weird quality control.

Benedikt Meißner says:

Great Video! I myself bought the X-T100 about two years ago. I was completely new to Photography there and never owned a Camera before. I gotta say i`m really really satisfied with that Camre and i would even go as far to say, that it's an Amazing Camera for that Price tag. Also to everyone out there thinking abt buing it, i do highly recomment to get it with the 15-45 kit lense. It is not a lot more expensive, maybe only a 100dollars. Depends on what offer you get. As far as i know and have tested entry level cameras plus kit lense, it does an amazing Job. The kit lense (for a kit lense) is super sharp and has great image quality. The Camera itself, can be a bit slow if you try to shoot a series of pics in raw (up to 6 images per second at max) it will take its time to save them after shooting.
If you are a newer Photographer or are on a small Budget this Camera does and will work perfectly for you! I got a couple of amazing Shots with it. Whatsoever as Andrew said, you should get it for Photography and no Videography.
No matter what Entry lvl Camera you will compare it with, let it be Sony a6000 or entry Canons whatever. It will stick out in a lot of ways. Especially Image Quality.
I was looking to Upgrade it to a Fuji X-T3 but now watching your Video i'm quite hesitating if the X-T30 is not enough for me. I'm only a Hobby Photographer and especially looking on image Quality. I found a deal where the X-T30 is offered new for about 700$US and that sounds like an amazing offer for me. But still that weather sealing on the X-T3 would be nice to have.

Lars D. says:

Very good Video!
Had the xt-2, went for the xh-1 because I mainly use zoom lenses. It’s a xt-2 on steroids, so many small but notable improvements, especially the grip and the shutter!! And ibis with a prime lens is just wonderful.

sclogse1 says:

I picked up a mint XM-1 body for $150. about a week ago. Got a 16-50mm kit lens from another seller for $140. Video? You have to use manual focus because the auto focus is just way to busy. Yes, it's nice if you come from the olden days of the Canon Elph 310, where you had 1080p but could not override the auto exposure, but that little Canon camera nailed the focus like crazy compared to this much later Fuji. However. The sensor. You get that sensor. However. You only get 16 megs. A Raw file, once you finally figure out that the supplied (be sure you get a copy of the Raw FileConvertor software from Silky Pix when you buy a used body) software, once you open one of your Raw files in it, has the setting called Development under the FIle menu, which is only available after you open a pic. Use that to output to tiff and or raw. And lemme tell you, you'd never think that's how you did it. Ok, now you shot Raw in it's highest setting on the camera, which is actually the combo of Fine/ Square format. You output from Raw File Convertor to tiff, (Raw File Convertor has a lot of menus that aren't readily apparent, by the way) open in Photoshop, and the file isn't square. It's 16×9 and once converted to 300 d.p.i. is 10 x16 inches. But you forgot a step. If you shoot Raw, you need to shoot Raw, Fine, and Jpeg. One setting. Because you'll get a jpeg with your raw file, and that's the only way you'll know what the raw file is. Before you select it. It's now your thumbnail. Then you look at your Raw file, which you thought might have been..1, black and white if you shot in black and white, or 2, square, since you wanted to use the highest rez setting. It's neither. It's color, and as I said, 16×9. If you shot in black and white, your jpeg will be black and white, and if you shot square, the jpeg will be square. But not the Raw file that accompanies it. You'll see a big difference between the color raw file and the jpeg. More contrast in the jpeg, and some really great blacks. In fact, here's the deal. I photographed a huge succulent plant at an apartment building across the street as my first outdoor experiment. At that time two days ago, I just shot square jpeg black and white, since I hadn't figured out the Raw Converter menu yet. You wind up with a nine meg image. I have worked in photo since 1970. Army specialist 3 years, Photo lab tech for 18 years. Digital Retoucher still going on. I have never seen what I saw when I opened those jpegs before. It was as if I had mastered the zone system not in just shooting, but in printing. It was insane. I mean…insane. The marriage of that succulent in open shade with this sensor was…historic. I sent this untreated image to friends, and they were floored. The problem is, I really doubt if I'll ever find a better subject. On the first day, I took the best pic I ever took. ( I shoot kinda dark, kept the ISO at 400, handheld at 1/125 at F8 at the wide setting) It's downhill from here. A steep downhill. Nuts.

Rıza Eren Bozkurt says:

I have the Xt-2.. Love it…just shoot stills on it. Shoot video with my osmo pocket and mavic pro.. Not going to change it for a very long time..

Kalpesh Singh says:

I recently bought a XT100 (came with a 15-45mm lens ) for like 300 USD 4 months old
I love it.

Optidorf says:

I'm a little bit surprised you're disappointed in the (lack of) durability of the X-T2. I've got mine now for two years. In that time I used in heavy rain, dropped it twice from half a meter on concrete, got its fair share of splashes of polar water in Antarctica, it was basically floating in my backpack when it was full of water (don't ask why) and I take it with me on day hikes where I'm absolutely not gentle with that camera. And yet the X-T2 is still going strong. If anything, the robustness of the X-T2 is one of its biggest advantages imho.

John Genovese says:

We do a lot of touring (Jeep and Motorcycle) and my wife takes a lot of pictures of the scenery while we are moving. We currently have an XT-1 with a few lenses and a battery grip.
Our XT-1 needs a bit of work. The skins are pealing, and the port door is warped but the biggest issue is that when we have the camera in our lap (in the jeep) and raise it to take a picture, the screen turns white for a few seconds. This causes us to miss a lot of pictures. Oddly, if we turn the camera off, point it out the window and flip the camera on, it is almost instantly ready.
I think we have a couple of options. I think both options include sending the XT-1 in for service. One option would be to get an X100V and use it as a point and shoot camera while in the Jeep or on the MC. Option 2 is to get the XT-4 and use it like we do the XT-1.
Would the XT-4, with IBS, be a better choice for shooting from the MC?
In either case, the XT1 would be backup or used with a long lens for taking close-ups…. my wife tends to shoot wide-angle lenses.
What do you all think?
Thanks in advanced,

Jahmauny Monds says:

Like this if, just like me, you just paused the video to go look at his lens guide. Brb, I'm gonna go pick a lens.

Billy Shea says:

the beginning made me shed a tear when you brought up the 16mm 1.4 … I had to sell mine with my xt3 to get out of a sticky situation and my heart still hurts. currently camera and phone less. but hoping to get back to shooting once I have some cash and this pandemic is over :/ great content here and cant agree more with what you have to say about fuji. much love. keep it up.

Andrea says:

Thanks a lot for the helpful video, I'm planning to switch to Fujifilm for a long time, the X-E series is what attracts me the most. I just wish they added at list a tilting screen!

Cheong Teckmeng says:

X-A7 vs X-T20 which will you recommend to buy? Either one if this will be my 1st camera, main purpose for this camera is for travel and YouTube video.

KC2Lucky says:

I can get the xpro2 grahite with the 23mm f2.0 for £950 refurbished direct from fuji. Is it worth it for that price in 2020?

Alistair Zhao says:

This is the best video on the topic, concise and clear points, intended to help the viewers rather than showing off their knowledge excessively like many other youtubers.

Mario Terzoli says:

I'm having a hard time choosing a lens for the XT-4. I have a documentary lined up and would love something that can be used as a run and gun but also set up for interviews. I was looking at the 16-80mm f4 which is bundled with the body for a good price, but I've heard it has focusing issues with zooming? Then there's the 16-55, or even the 10-24 which looks fantastic. I don't know what to do.

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