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Prynt Pocket (USA Link) – http://amzn.to/2snkaXL
Prynt Pocket (International) – http://geni.us/B24jfoY

The Prynt Pocket is one of the coolest iPhone gadgets I’ve ever looked at. Not only is it capable of printing instant photos from your iPhone but the photos themselves come to life. Embedded in these photos is a short video clip accessible by scanning the photo with the Prynt app.

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Richard Umali says:

Can review all the different Polaroid cameras especially the over sized Polaroid Socialmatic instead of this Polaroid knockoff.

apostolos114 says:

Hey actually there is a similar app in play store called "LiveFrame" with any printer.

islami moh says:

It's like Life Is Strange game

meth yl says:

Harry Potter stuff

Hamoudi Haidoura says:

Can you scan multiple pictures and have all of them go animated simultaneously?

Yassir GHLALOU says:

Let me know when it plays by itself

Tyri Ghk says:

It shows the corner where fingers are covering

Thehole Yourin says:

I have to admit that is cool.

FunkeyMonkey says:

Museums should adopt this.

Flex Seal Man! says:

But can you play Doom on it?

You're Welcome says:

Harry Potter🤔🤔

Mr. Marvellous says:

Its not Inc its Z-Inc !!!

Bisexu Whale says:

i have a bad memory, so i treasure time with my friends and family i rarely get too see. for me this printer is a solution to a small personal problem plus welcome extras.

Far Altright says:

But.. Seriously. If I look it with another phone will it work??
This really needs a qr code in the back of the paper
Or better nfc tag inside programmed while printing.

Hizkia Hanz says:

Did you really searching for your phone when it's right in front of you? Lol… I thought it's just me

Andrew B. says:

It's clever YES…would I actually use it….NO.

Autumn Gabriella says:

I ordered one and I didn’t get a zoom wheel on mine………that was not cool

NiktNieWieNawetJa says:

What is with battery of IPhones? It’s all good or battery is draining? ;/ I want to buy something like this to make money but i dont know this one or fuji 😀

lhalls9116 says:

I love random phone stuff like this

Ishaan Kothidar says:

how u can dislike this video? This gadget is dope.

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