What The iPhone 11 Will Actually Look Like

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With iPhone 11 clones hitting the market many have begun to question the design. The clone models of the Phone XI appear to have a more prominent camera hump than some expected. Today, I’ve got my hands on an iPhone 11 model which claims to be a more accurate representation of Apple’s new iPhone for 2019.

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Christian S says:

In this comment section: poor people hating on something they will never have

Henning Reichenbach says:

Hey Lew!
Please unbox the Samsung Galaxy A80. It is the first ever rotating camera phone and it's a part of Samsungs attempt to get more market share in the mid-range phone market. I'm interested in it and would love you to check it out before I buy it.
Thank you!

ronnie thanawat says:

This’s I Phone 6 right? Still same. Lol

Manuel Santana says:

I think, it will have ONE SUPERFICIAL CAMERA but a mechanism that will ROTATE another two under the case or back face

Lil Vloss says:

Apple went to Area 51

Suoji says:

Why y’all complain what it looks like the OS is gonna be good af

Levvy says:

its fckn ugly


The definition of ugliness!

portuviejo says:

As an iPhone user, I am more turned off by the fact that the new phone does not come with USB-C

Ahmad Reda says:

Why would people even watch a video like this, cant you guys wait till it comes out then talk about how it actually looks like?
I really dont get it. lol

Justen Abraham says:



This phone ugle as hell G, throw that shit outfam.

Chuck 9Deez says:

Yeaaaaah I’m gonna keep my XSMax

Kareem El-Khalil says:

Lew! I know this comment has nothing to do with this video, but I just watched a review of the Hyper Drift Laptop and I'm very interested to know your thoughts about it. Thanks.

S J says:

If I don’t see: usb c, flush camera, bigger battery, no notch and 5g I really will be disappointed. From what I’m seeing the only thing that will happen is a bigger battery

Fureddo28 says:

iPhone keeps getting uglier every year. First there was the bulge due to a new camera, then the notch…and this year cameras multiplying like the phone caught a weird disease…!🤦🏽‍♂️


Same as the last shitty fucking iPhone 🤣🤣

A A says:

I dont think apple makes ugly stuff

Neox 64 says:

Can you gift me a iphone 11 clone

cccmachine says:

The Apple Edsel

Green Envy says:

iPhone designer: "So what does the iPhone need that it doesn't already have?"
Engineer: "A shot glass coaster?"
iPhone designer: "BINGO."

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