What is the BEST Sony Alpha camera for YOU?!

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Are you trying to figure out which sony camera is the right one for what you do? In this video, I go through 5 different Alpha models the a6500, a7III, a7sII, a7rIII, and finally a9. Whatever you shoot if you are just getting into photo or video or if you are at the pro level sony has an alpha camera for you.

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Leave a comment down below of which camera you would use and why to win a free 4-day rental! Winner will be chosen on June 22nd, 2018!

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Dewi Khrisnawaty says:

Sony alpha 6400

Jordi Presa says:

Maybe we could try and collab together at some time!

rosu cristian says:

good presentation, on point, thx

Tijane Harvey says:

The video was mostly gibberish to me but helpful thanks

Ernesto Neümann says:

I'd go with the A7III, full frame mid-level photography 🙂

Matthew Brazle says:

I wouldo pick the a9! Best of everything.

Ramon Fernandez says:

Concise and informative 👏🏽👏🏽

Dario Kocirov says:

Short and on point video. Thank you for that!

The Falcon says:

I want a balance between photography and videography with a decent price tag. So I prefer to have sony a7iii

Obiektywna Obiektywna says:

Hello everyone 🙂 Can someone help me choose a camera for wedding photography, reportage? Sony A 99 II or Sony A 7 III ? What would be better in terms of quality, speed, af etc?


Great video, what camera did you use to shoot the video

Miljan Stanojević says:

Starting up at 1100$…rly?

300 Heroes says:

is Alpha 6500 the best among 6xxx series?

JaizVision says:

Thanks a lot such a great video i'll go for the a7iii 🙂

Winston Tjia says:

So I guess I should be getting an A7RIII or A7RII instead for the A7SII. As someone who wants to focus on taking videos but at the same time loves to take videos too?

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