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The Cabo Channel says:

Excellent video but I am sad that you felt driven to make it.

Matias Fabregues says:

In the video you talk all the time about bad reviews, why do them and why not. You spend it talking about many things less than criticizing the camera. This video is not understood very much. The 2 NIkon Z (6 and 7) have weak points, the AFC is one of them. The rest works much better than any reflex. Do you compare it with a Sony? Sony has 3 generations of mirrolles cameras, nikon just the first. You compare it with the 850? (I own an 850, a 750 and a d5 and an A7R3.) The 850 has just one advantage in the 3d trackin and the AFC (which as I said above is a weak point in the Z). The duration of the battery far exceeds 900 shots.
Sony has better AFC and Efe AF. It has worse EVF, worse dynamic range, worse color treatment, it is an uncomfortable camera, the grip is uncomfortable, the commands are uncomfortable.
And I could name more features that are not relevant.
Your video takes away a lot of credibility, you want to speak ill of a camera, and you do not end up saying anything at all.

Norman Pogson says:

You are in a catch 22, you obviously enjoy your “press junkets” to Paris etc, you are YouTube Influencers and good for you. But because you take these freebies you loose some (not all), impartiality. I would respect a YouTuber more who does not take freebies from camera companies and can be totally impartial. So the business model you have is flawed because of corporate handouts. The old nursery rhyme “ He who pays the piper calls the tune”, is still relevant no matter how sophisticated we have become with technology. Try slamming a product for honesty and see how many invites that will continue to come your way.

Glenn Foy Fine Arts says:

Great job as usual. Keep up the good work!

eagleeye photo says:

But you can not review camera, since you missing basics of understanding how camera works.

TheMarcoNation says:

Tony. I really appreciate you and your videos. You’ve helped me bye so much camera equipment over the past few years and it’s because of your honesty integrity and the thought you put into everyone of your videos. Keep on doing great work and don’t let the people that want to troll you have their day. You’re much more educated in this field and I am and I look forward always to your reviews and opinions.

Stephen Hilton says:

I HATE making negative reviews of reviews :), but I had a look at your Z6 review and can see why many people thought it was biased. It's a little disingenuous to suggest that the criticism is due to Nikon fanboys who are looking for validation of their purchase. I think you need to be open to the possibility that you may have an unconscious bias when you receive that amount of negative feedback. Anyway, for what its worth, what struck me was a lack of balance in the review and a lack of consistency with your reviews of other cameras. While you absolutely should be honest and call out the areas of weakness you see, you owe it to your viewers to spend an appropriate amount of time on the good points. While you did mention some good points, you missed a lot of them and the good points you did mention were glossed over very quickly before then focussing on another negative point, giving the whole review a very negative tone. The inconsistency with other reviews can also lead to a perception of bias. For example, you point out the dust spot and criticised Nikon for not closing the shutter when changing lenses, but in other reviews you didn't criticise any other mirrorless camera for this (not Sony, Fuji, Olympus, …), just Nikon. I saw your earlier EOS-R review a while back and although you did mention the lack of IBIS and the large cropping in video, you didn't criticise Canon in the same way you criticised Nikon for the IBIS issue that you found. Ditto for the single card slot, which you didn't mention here but I recall you slamming Nikon for in your Z7 review. The final point I'd make is that it was really a "first impressions" review rather than a proper review as it appears to be based entirely on a Nikon press event. You owe it to your viewers to investigate any issues a little before making sweeping statements and jumping to conclusions, or at least be up front about the amount of time you spent with the camera before coming to your conclusions. I really do appreciate your concern for not wanting your viewers to be disappointed with their purchase, but the flipside is that you may be putting people off purchasing a camera who would otherwise be very happy with their purchase and I think you need to give due consideration to this in your reviews.

rp8973 says:

I appreciate your reviews, it took me months to save for my a9, so happy with it, and I always referred to your review, it helped me to make my decision.

Rudy Leue says:

I watch your reviews. People are people. No matter how good your review is, there are people who will try to nit-pick it apart to make themselves feel good. Everyone of my friend photographers who watch Youtube, watch and enjoys your videos and the other information that you provide. They, along with me, have bought your books. We see you for who you really are… a conscientious entrepenuer providing the best service you can. Don't take these fools seriously because it will eat you up inside. Just laugh at them and make another video!

Jeremy Jones says:

I've watched your videos for awhile, this one made me a subscriber.

Joe Bloggs says:

All those photog.-vloggers towing the company line – for cash or in kind. STOP IT. If we want sales-blurb then we´ll go to the manufacturers' websites

Joe Bloggs says:

Don´t you dare change – commercialize your format. Don´t get despondent – you guys are the best. You have to take the flak with the laurel leaves.

Jim Penn says:

I rely on you for honesty. It is sad there are critics. If you did not call out defects and critics bought the product – they would hold you repsonsible for not calling out the defects, Ignore the negative people.

Mr. JL says:

You have your favorites, I don’t believe your opinions are unbiased.

Steven Zilverberg says:

By the way, I have learned a lot from your youtube videos.

Steven Zilverberg says:

Why are you defending yourself? You are doing the right thing and I truly appreciate the your honesty. If someone is offended by what you say on your reviews, that's on them. Don't let the bashers get you down just because they lack the maturity to handle comments that they disagree with.

LOHTEC says:

You should make a negative Tesla video. Watch the dislikes pile up 🙂

Shawn Tackaberry says:

I enjoyed your review overall except for one thing you keep getting wrong and I wish you would address this. It's a Zed-6. Love, one of your many Canadian viewers.

Ashley Parker TN says:

It’s nice of you to explain yourself, but really, you owe no one an explanation! You’re a trusted source for information for tons of people….including me.😁If people don’t like how you run YOUR YouTube channel they should unsubscribe, start their own, and stop whining. Simple.

Basil Skenderis says:

Please don't apologize for giving accurate assessment of products. That is a much better service to us than rubber stamping a rave review for something you don't believe. I had been waiting for Canon to produce a mirrorless camera; and when they did, I watched your reviews several times. I finally decided I could live with most of the shortcomings you pointed out and purchased it, eyes wide open (I've got a lot of Canon glass that I really, really "like," read, "spent a lot of money on"). Keep the honest reviews coming. Thanks.

Business Lover says:

Don't listen to the negative people. You can't please everybody. We watch you for 3 reasons: honesty, production value, consumer oriented. I hope square space and all your other revenue streams make you solid money, so you can inform us for a long long time 🙂 thank you

Dan G says:

Thanks for the insight and your honesty. Based on my own experience with a bunch of things you warned about in your reviews, i totally trust you 🙂

Dawwal Creative says:

My Review of your Review of peoples reactions to Reviews and Reviewers and Reviewers reactions to other Reviewers Reviews:
Your method is the best, no one is entirely unbiased which is a huge issue when it comes to serious matters like being a Judge. It's not possible we are not emotionless logic robots no matter how shiny our veneer. Being true to ones self and not being overly swayed to present things in terms dictated by monetary influence is best.

You get ad revenue, sell your books etc. and all that comes from being honest as possible and just giving your perceptions. That is the ideal scenario. Keep going.

KEEP IN MIND many of the audience on YouTube are kids…I keep seeing respectable adults such as you and other fully grown adults talking about their Youtube audience as if it's like a seated convention hall or something. This is a bunch of kids laying on sofas…keep doing the adult thing don't let them confuse your efforts!


Alistair Wilson says:

Thanks for your honesty and integrity-sadly lacking elsewhere

MuertoInc says:

When you keep your negative "review" of a m43 for example, focused on the size of the sensor… or just recently, the size of the body of the camera because of the size of the sensor, yes you are biased. EVERYBODY knows the size of m43. Can you be honest with yourself and say…. "if you are a low talent photographer like myself, this system is way too complicated for you… but here is what is great about it… this is what they can improve and so on. But you are always…always fixated on the damn size of the sensor. You just said in your review…. most people have already made a decision, they just want to confirm or clear any doubts. So why… why insist on mentioning the size of m43 sensor as a negative thing of the camera…. be sincere and just tell me why?

Mel Feliciano says:

I appreciate honest and unbiased reviews. That's why the first Youtube channel I ever subscribed to was "The Camera Store TV". I noticed how Chris and Jordan (now DPReview), never try to sell us a camera or anything else for that matter, even though they worked for a real camera store. If I only want to here positive information, I just read the manufacturer's marketing material.

Jei says:

Being critical or rather constructive critisism is the only way any thing improves.

Gustavo Lucena says:

Great light on this video.
About z6 review… was really usefull

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