Ways to Mend The E18 Mistake On Canon Digital Cameras

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There seems to be a fairly huge populace of Canon proprietors who are influenced by the E18 mistake. In this write-up I will instruct you a few easy methods you could try to mend the error on your own.

This short article is planned for individuals whose video cameras run out guarantee. If your cam is still under guarantee, visit your local Canon repair shop and let them fix it. If it’s not, you can either choose to pay around 150$ for the repair or try one of these straightforward techniques.

I should detail exactly what precisely an E18 is. Baseding on Canon’s website, it is an error that includes the lens unit or lens cover. The lens obtains stuck in the prolonged position, and rejects to relocate either to concentrate the lens or to withdraw when powered off. It could happen if you apply stress to the area surrounding the lens while it is in the recording method (this features going down the camera), or if sand or dirt get involved in the lens location. The lens obtains stuck, you acquire a black display with a tiny “E18” indication in the lower-left corner, the cam beeps a couple of times and shuts off.

Lately, I observed a lot of individuals online that are having problems with this error. It happened to my Energy Chance A520 also a number of weeks earlier, yet fortunately, the cam was still under guarantee so Canon corrected it complimentary. In order to aid the unfortunate ones whose cams are out of guarantee, I decided to write this article.

Essentially, there are a number of simple points you could try. I can not ensure they will help you, yet I understand these techniques have helped some individuals get rid of their E18 problems:.

1) One approach is to get the cushioned USB cover component on a tough surface area, for instance, a desk. I understand it sounds to easy to function, but this could obtain some of the gunk out of the lens.

2) Try pressed air. With a well pointer strike off weapon and completely dry compressed air set the idea in between the lens turret and the video camera physical body and turn on the air while moving the idea around the lens. It needs to remove all of the dust and sand. Turn the video camera on and it need to work great.

3) An additional option is to attempt and push the lens back in to location. This is the least more suitable method. Attempt it just if the electronic camera is out of guarantee and DO N’T use too much tension! If the lens can be slowed down into place with a light push, terrific! Otherwise, don’t compel it!

4) If absolutely nothing else works, there are a couple of on-line quick guides in various languages for dismantling the video camera and cleansing the lens thoroughly. Try this simply if your electronic camera is out of service warranty! A few of them are:.

– http://www.ixus-world.de/tips/repair_guide/e18_01en.htm – a guide in English.
– http://menthol.hit.bg/E18.html – a guide in Bulgarian.
– http://www.artecdesign.ee/~jan/Kaamerad/PowerShotA70/index.html – Estonian quick guide.

The last 2 are not in English, however they have a great deal of pictures which should aid with the whole process.

So you’ve found out exactly how you could try and save your electronic camera. Try out the methods for yourself, and call me with excellent information.

If you wish even more info about the E18 error, or wish to check out other individuals’s encounters with it, drop in my website at http://www.e18error.com. Feel free to drop me an email.



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