Watchmen WiFi Solar Camera Unbox

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100% Wire-Free & Support SD Card Storage: No cords, no wiring , it is easy to install , you can place it anywhere you want and monitor your home from anywhere and anytime; this solar powered security camera support up to 64GB SD Card and it will record only when triggered;Resolution: 1920*1080

Two charge modes: Besides battery charging, this camera is equipped with a solar panel that can be charged efficiently, it will continue working as long as sufficient sunlight enough for 30 minutes per day or 4-5 days per month

Smart PIR Motion Sensor & Motion-Activated: Highly Sensitive and wide-angle sensor (5 Meters IR Range) detects human movements, and offers real-time and accurate alerts(app push

notifications);Inductive street light: When a person is sensed at night, the light will be automatically activated

Application: home entrance, yard door, fish pond, orchard, farm, mine, construction site and all places where it is not convenient for wiring.Simple Installation: no need wire, can finish installation by yourself


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