Vuze+ 3D 360 VR Camera Unbiased Review, Unbox, & Complete Start Guide

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Let’s unbox the brand new Humaneyes Vuze+ 3D 360 VR Camera! We will learn about what is in the package, how to setup and connect to Android and iOs phone with Vuze Camera App and import, edit, render the final 3D 360 Video with Vuze VR Studio. I review Vuze Plus with real-world footage, show an apple to apple comparison between the old Vuze and Vuze+, and show extra tips and tricks to achieve perfect 3D Stereo stitching with Mistika VR.

Edit: I pronounce the camera name wrong – VUZE should sound like “VIEWS” instead of my wrong pronunciation “VOOZ”. My bad!

0:35 – Unbox Humaneyes Vuze+
4:00 – Setup Vuze+ with Vuze Camera Mobile App
6:15 – Tutorial on how to use Vuze Camera App to take 360 Video and Photo
12:00 – Tutorial on how to import, stitch, edit and render with Humaneyes VR Studio
18:10 – Apple to Apple image quality comparison between Old Vuze and Vuze+
18:45 – Stitch Vuze+ footage with Mistika VR Optical Flow Stereo stitching featur

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Raul Peiroten-Ayuso says:

How the Vuze+ does in low light conditions?

Andres Lira says:

Hi, could the shooting work on an ipad?

Doug Lee says:

It would be fantastic if you would create a tutorial with Mistika VR soon!
I just upgraded Vuze to Vuze+.
Mistika VR seems next step for me.
By the way, I am very thankful to all your great tutorials!

nguwusic TV says:

Great video ! For picture quality and relatively fast post prod workflow, which camera would you recommend ? I’m planning to do real estate photography. I already have the mi sphere, the quality is okay but not great. And I don’t want to have the hassle with a DSLR workflow. Thanks for your help

David Wang says:

So what is the recommendation? Is it much better than Theta V and others? What about post production effort? Thanks!

mygiguser says:

Does this work with Mac OSX ?

Christopher Gregson says:

Is there a 1/4 20 thread on the bottom of the camera?

A says:

No samples uploaded? How does the Vuze+ image quality compare with the regular Vuze?

Autohitch says:

Appears to me they spent time developing simply a consumer 3d camera without adding at all to their mono side. All that time and expense for 4k? Idk….

David Addis says:

Thanks for this, Hugh!

Michael Tavares says:

I have the old camera. What is the difference ?

Live To says:

Can I make 3D live video with this camera?

CreatorUp says:

/EDIT/: The camera name VUZE should sound like "VIEWS" instead of my wrong pronunciation "VOOZ". My bad!

William Thompson says:

I have been considering purchasing the Insta360 Pro (top of my budget range) in order to produce 3D 360° photo tours of construction sites and video tours of manufacturing plants for educational purposes (images sharpness is important to present sufficient detail to students). Would you recommend the Vuze+ over the Insta360 Pro (or even Obsidian Go) for this application – would I be getting much more for 2-3 times the price?

Mark's Channel says:

Hello Hugh. So would this be considered 16K 2D and 8K 3D? hows the sharpness compared to Fusion? The price seems reasonable. I know you're already thinking about sticking this on a drone:) I'm also curious how the 180 3D/2D looks. Looking forward to more videos from you! PS. Is there a photo time-lapse feature for this camera?

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