Vlogging Cameras: Canon N, Canon N2 and Canon N100 Review and Comparison | iJustine

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Orvix Cosplay says:

THANK YOU. I have the canon vixia mini and it’s been acting up all crazy and if I can’t get it repaired I was looking into similar small vlogging cameras and this seems like the winner for me. I love how you covered all 3 of the series. Short and to the point. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Dylan Keefer says:

Long time fan of yours I'm actually looking to buy one of these and get into making some youtube video's. If you still have them and might be interested in selling one I'm most interested in N2 and N100 the most. You should just be able to search my name to get in contact with me if you're open to the idea.

Tza Oriana says:

N100 sounds best of them all

Charlote Aquino says:

So my final decision is N2 💞💞❤️❤️

Charlote Aquino says:

N100 , the flip screen rotates 90 degrees only huhuhuhuhu im sad

Charlote Aquino says:

Thank u very much more the informationsss

Shaxil HuB says:

I need your help…please give me your contact number.please

Daph Almario says:

Everytime I watch this review makes me want to buy theCanon N2 uuhuhuhuhu but its too expensive here in Philippines

Andrew Jones says:

1:49 looks like a 3ds

JAMIE says:

Canon EOS M100

Jack waldron Bmx says:

I have a Kodak PIXPRO

丸刈り says:

cute, funny, and knowledgeable. now i know God isn't fair to everyone.

LokyUSA says:

Sl2 is the best vlogging camera 😂😂😂

SailorOdessa says:

N2- better video
N Original – better audio
CANNON YOU SUCK. Why greedy companies don't want to just upgrade stuff instead of balancing between upgrading and downgrading. Oh, I know why. The greed.

Angel Brown says:

Would this be a good camera to start a YouTube channel with ?

Cheshire Cat says:

ijustine how much do those vloging cameras cost??

Cathy Gin says:

Mine is color pink and powershot n2

RobertGucciTv says:

Im a vlogger and prankster should i get the n2 for vlogs? I use a gopro 4 silver

Deidre Darling says:

Am I able to make beauty video instead of vlogging videos with the canon n100?

Simply Nina says:

could you review the Sony dsc wx500 because there are mixed reviews on it and i want to make sure im spending my money on soemthing that will work and have good quality

Lucy D says:

Do these cameras have the F stop option to blur the background?

Josh McCullough says:

Can someone explain to me the constant "scene change" e.g. start/stop during the scene? Is this intentional or just poor editing?


My camera is a Sony cyber shot –

aonxx says:

i will buy n2 is it good

Thomas Iannozzi says:

Try the Samsung nx500

MissMailina says:

wow you pay a lot of attention to the details x3

ReNN 【PUBG Mobile】 says:

you are soooooo beautiful… when i see you hooooooo u r my crush

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