VLOG: new vlogging camera review + how I upload my videos on youtube

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Life With Clari says:

This planner is made from hustlers 👏🏽😼

Maria Flores says:

I’d love to see an editing video! Maybe even one where you start with iMovie and show like the key differences of what you do between a free software and final cut pro

Inga says:

Always love behind the scenes!! 😍

Erandi Barreto says:

Where did you get that little mic? It’s so convenient, would love to know how much and where you go it?

Monica Lam says:

What is the brand of your planner?? It’s sooo cute.

Kailee Maravilla says:

Where is your planner from??

Erin S. says:

Are you sure that compressing the video doesn’t reduce the quality? I feel like it has to affect the quality in some way because the point of compressing is to create a smaller file so a certain amount of frames per second must be getting removed even if it’s a minimal amount. Idk I would hate for you to be spending money upgrading to a better camera only to compress the video and not know that the quality is being changed

Erin S. says:

You could accept the pr packages and use them for friends and family gifts. You’ll never have to think of what to get someone or pay for another gift again! Just don’t show the pr packages in your videos

Erin S. says:

11:13 If you go to an actual camera store, they’ll let you rent the camera for however long you want and if you end up buying it then they just take the rental cost off of the full cost of the camera so you don’t end up wasting any money and you get a camera you know that you like. It’s a good incentive for buying a camera from a camera store instead of a tech store like best buy or online

Erin S. says:

What was the competition you won the camera from?

Nikki Beth says:

What is that planner?!

Cori Jayne says:

Did she say where the planner is from or the brand ? Need ! ♡

Megan Marie says:

i have the canon m50 too! it’s a great camera

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