Vivo Z1 Pro vs Redmi Note 7 Pro Camera Comparison

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Vivo Z1 Pro and Redmi Note 7 Pro are two smartphones with a great camera and here is the detailed camera comparison of the two devices.

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surender singh says:

But vivo deosnt have gorilla glass protection

Тнє Нєаят-Яоввєя Воу says:

Thank you for making this comparison video…
Its well explained with clear proof…

I think vivo z1 pro is slightly better than redmi note 7 pro…

D FreakS says:

Mi note7 pro

pawar *star says:

I want battery backup

swarna mohanty says:

Vivo Z 1 pro video and pictures significantly better.

Rkg Pandi says:

Redmi noto7bro nice

Sundar S.P says:

I will pick z1 pro

Syedin Mohammad Hafiz Bin Manzolkipli says:

so bhai,if you playing games all day for many hours,is vivo z1 pro get hot or not??


Chetta,realme 3 pro compare cheyyamo vivo z1 pro aayittu

asifdreamslove says:

very nice video sir…………..good camera comparison i think both are equal good only different 1000/- extra pay for vivo z1 but its has fast charging & charger in box , head phone also

Milan k says:

In front cam the z1 is way better
In viDeo and good light shots are good in z1 pro

Desmond Βασιλιάς says:

still n7p looks better

Neel Patel says:

I like vivo Z1 pro

Kabil Miah says:

Vivo z1 pro and vivo v15 camera compresion

Girija Janardhanan says:

Does z1 pro has
Always on display??????
Led notification????
Which variant is value for money????

Roasting STAR says:

Z1 h bhosdik

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